Tutbury Castle is located in Tutbury, Staffordshire on the River Dove, with spectacular views across the plain of Dove to the beautiful Derbyshire hills. The area has been occupied since the Stone Age.
The first record of Tutbury Castle is 1071, as one of the new castles build to stamp the authority of the Norman conquerors across the Midlands.
Tutbury Castle is best known as one of the prisons of Mary Queen of Scots, who was held there on four different occasions. It was here that she became involved in the plot that ultimately led to her bloody execution at Fotheringhay.
Tutbury was the seat of the de Ferrers family and later of the earls and dukes of Lancaster.
It was been besieged, destroyed and rebuilt several times. The last destruction was in 1647.

Tutbury Castle, Derbyshire, England