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(?)(429) (Lewis?)(1)
A.H.(1) A.J.S.(1) A?(1) Abbott(8) Abercrombie(4) Abercrumbie(1) Abingdon(1) Abington(12) Ables(3) Abraham(1) Abstella(1) Adams(44) Adcock(1) ADELAIDE of Anjou(1) ADELAIDE of Savoy(1) Adele(1) Adeliza of Louvain(1) Adkins(2) Adkinson(2) Adkison(1) Agatha(1) AGNES of Evreux(1) Akins(2) AL(1) Albritton(2) Alden(3) Aldridge(2) alester172(1) Alexander(10) ALFONSO(3) Alford(16) Alfred the AEthelred(1) Alice of France(1) Alix of Champagne(1) Allaire(1) Allen(25) Allison(11) Allman III(1) Allman Sr(1) Allman(28) Allsbrook(1) Alman(59) ALMERIC(1) Almond(2) ALVED(1) Amason(3) Amons(1) Amsler(1) ANCITEL(1) Anderson(23) Andrew(1) Andrews(19) Angelly(1) Angharad(1) Anglin(2) Ann(2) anncrowe76(1) ANSCULF(1) Anthony(2) AP LLYWELYN(1) Apeler(1) Applicant(1) Appling(2) Arant(2) Archer(13) Ard(4) Aremburge(1) Argo(2) Armfield(5) Armstrong(6) Arnet(1) Arnett(4) Arnold(2) Arrington(7) Arthur(2) Artois(1) Asbury(1) Ash(1) Ashley(3) Ashmore(2) Askew(3) Askins(1) Atkins(1) Atkinson(6) Atkison(1) Atman(1) Audry(1) Austin(6) Auston(1) Autry(3) Autun(3) Avent(1) Aventon(1) Avera(67) Averet(2) Averett(657) Averey(1) Averiet(1) Averiette(2) Averitt(53) Averitt, I(1) Averitt(72) Averitte(8) Averrett(3) Avery(7) Averyt(25) Averytt(2) avkapevi(1) Avret(1) Avrett(2) Avriett(39) Avrit(1) Avritt(1) awaveritt1(1) Axling(1) Aycock(3) Aylesbury(3)
B.C.(1) B.G.(1) B?(2) Babin(1) Bacon(2) Baden(1) Badlesmere(1) Baell(1) Bagby(1) Bagley(2) Bailey(19) Baily(1) Baker(20) Baldwin(9) Ball(1) Ballard(372) Ballenger(1) Balliet(12) Ballinger(1) Banister(1) Banks(2) Bankson(2) Bankston(4) Barbara(1) Barbaree(45) Barber(86) Barberie(23) Barberree(6) Barbre(20) Barbree(56) Barclay(1) Barefield(2) Barfield(9) Barick(1) Barkley(1) Barkley?(1) Barksdale/BARKSDALE(23) Barley(2) Barnard(3) Barnes(34) Barnett(3) Barnhart(1) Barnhill(1) Baron(1) Barr(3) Barron(5) Barrow(1) Barstow(1) Barthold(1) Bartlett(10) Bartley(1) Barton(1) Barwick(1) Bary(1) Baskins(1) Bass(4) BASSET/Basset(12) Bassett(1) Bateman(1) Bates(1) Batson(1) Battell(1) Battle(1) Battles(3) Baum(1) BAVA(1) Baxley(1) Baxter(2) Bayeux(1) Baylis(1) Bays(4) Beacham(18) Beachamp(1) Beak(2) Beal(1) Beale(1) Beard(5) Bearfield(1) Bears(1) Beaser(1) Beasley(15) BEATRIX of Savoy(1) Beaty(1) Beauchamp(131) Beaufort(1) Beby(3) Becham(5) Bechtel(1) Beckam(1) Beckett(1) Beckham(6) Beckom(8) Beleu(1) Bell(13) Belyeu(2) Bembridge(1) Benedict(1) Benefield(2) Bennet(1) Bennett/BENNETT(19) Benson(13) Bentley(4) Benton(1) BERENGARIA of Castille(1) Berenger/BERENGER(4) Berger(3) Berkeley/BERKELEY(5) Berman(1) Bermingham(1) Bernard(1) Berry(6) BERTHA of Holland(1) Bertram(1) Bessent(2) Best(1) Bethany(1) Bettesworth(2) Bettis(3) Beverly(1) Bickman(1) Bigg(1) Biggins(1) Bilberry(1) Bilbry(3) Billingslea(1) BILLUNG(1) Billups(2) Birch(1) Bird(4) Bird?(1) Birdsong(2) Bishop(13) Bivins(1) Bizzell(2) Black(18) Blackburn(2) Blackmon(4) Blackshear(1) Blackstock(6) Blackstone(2) Blackwell(1) Blackwood(1) Blaikely(4) Blaikley(2) Blair(5) Blake(2) Blakenship(1) Blakey(1) Blalock(5) Blan(7) Blanchard(1) Blanks(1) Blann(2) Blanton(1) Blevins(1) Blewett(1) Bliss(2) Blocker(1) Blount(8) Blue(6) Blunt(1) bmr6670(1) boavrett(1) Boazman(1) Boddie(12) Boelz(1) Bohannon(2) Bohun(1) Boland(1) Boles(1) Bomar(6) Bond/BOND(3) Bonnar(1) Bonner(16) Bonners(1) Booker(3) Bookhout(1) Boon(1) Booth(2) Boothe(2) Bordell(1) Borders(2) Boren(1) Borin(1) Borland(4) Borum(1) Bostick(1) Bostwick(1) Boswell(2) Botiller(1) Bottoms(6) Boughton(1) Boulton(1) Bourgeois(1) BOURNE(1) BOUTCHER(1) Boutewell(1) Boutwell(17) Bowen(10) Bowers(17) Bowie(2) Bowlers(1) Bowles(1) Bowman(11) Boyd(8) Boyett(5) Boyette(3) Boykin(5) Boyle(2) Bozeman(1) Bracken(1) Brackin(8) Bradshaw(1) Brady(3) Brady?(1) Bragg(1) Brame(1) Branch(4) Brandstatter(1) Braner(1) Brannen(1) Brantley(20) Brantly(2) Branton(1) Braquet(1) Brasington(5) Braswell(2) Bratton(1) Braud(2) Bray(4) Brazil(1) Brearley(1) Breed(1) Breedlove(1) Breivey(1) Brewer(11) Brewster(1) Brice(1) Bridges(3) Briggs(2) Bright(1) Brighthouse(1) Brightman(3) Brinkley(1) Brinqueman(1) Brinton(2) Brister(1) Britt(1) Brittain(1) Brittany(2) Britton(2) Brizendine(1) Broadnax(5) Broadwell(1) Brock(3) Brockington(1) Brogden(1) Brogdon(1) Brooking(4) Brookings(1) Brookins(10) Brooks(7) Broome(1) Brown/BROWN(196) Browning(4) Browser(2) Broxton(1) Bruce(2) Brundage(3) Bruner(5) Brunson(3) Brusesson(1) Bruster(1) Bryan(10) Bryant(11) Buchanan(3) Buck(1) Buckhalter(3) Buckhannon(1) Buckley(2) Buckner(6) Buffington(1) Bullard(2) Bullock/BULLOCK(17) Buntin(1) Burbage(1) Burch(5) Burdeshaw(4) Burdet(2) Burford(1) BURGUNDY(1) Burk(5) Burke(5) Burkhalter(4) Burks(2) Burnaman(2) Burner(1) Burnett(1) Burnette(2) Burney(11) Burns(4) Burnside(1) Burnsly(1) Burroughs(3) Burrow(1) Burson(1) Burt(1) Burton(6) Bush(153) Bussey(1) Butler(12) Butte(1) Butterworth(1) Butts(39) Byars(1) Bybee(2) Byers(2) Byne(2) Bynum(1) Byrd(32)
C(1) C.H.(1) C.R.(1) C.W.(1) Cabe(1) Cader(1) Cadill(1) Cain(4) Calaway(1) Calder(1) Caldwell(1) Call(3) Callaway(6) Calloway(1) Calvert(1) Calvin(2) Cameron(1) Cammaday(1) Cammeday(1) Camp(4) Campbell(15) Camville(1) Candler(3) Canmore(1) Cannon(3) Cansler(1) Cantrell(5) Capers(6) Capet(1) Capps(1) Cargile(1) Cargill(1) Carkeet(1) Carlson(1) Carmichael(3) Carnes(1) Carnsew(4) Carpenter(16) Carr(7) Carraway(4) Carre(1) Carroll(57) Carson(4) Carswell(2) Carter(39) Cartrette(3) Cartwright(3) Carver(1) Cary(1) Case(1) Casey(697) Cash(2) Cashin(1) Casselbury(1) Castellaw(1) Castelow(1) Castleberry(9) Caston(1) Castor(1) Catching(1) Cates(3) Cathell(1) Cathey(1) Cato(1) Caton(1) Caudele(1) Cauley(6) Cavell/CAVELL(2) Cawley(1) Cawthon(1) Cedda(1) Celestia(1) Celley(1) Cesna(1) Cessna(1) Chalker(8) Chambers/CHAMBERS(14) Chambliss(1) Champan(1) Champion(7) Chance(1) Chancey(12) Chancy(2) Chandler(16) Chaney(1) Chaplain(2) Chapman(20) Chappell(1) Charlton(1) Chateaudun(1) Chatman(1) Chavis?(1) Cheeley(5) Cheely(6) Cherry(10) Chesney(1) CHESTER/Chester(2) Chewning(1) Childers(1) Childree(2) Childress(2) Childreth(1) Childric(2) Childs(2) Chiles(1) Chitty(25) Chivers(1) Chivis(1) Choice(1) Chrisco(3) Christmas(5) Church(1) Châteaudun(1) Clarady(1) Clark(33) Clarke(7) Clay(4) Claye(1) Clayton(2) Cleckley(3) Clement(1) Clements(2) Clemments(1) Clemmons(1) Clemons(1) Cleveland(1) Cliatt(9) Clifford(1) Cline(1) Clopton(3) Cloud(1) Clower(1) Clowers(2) Cluff?(1) Coady(1) Coats(2) Cobb(11) Cobbs(3) Cochran(1) Cody(3) Coffee(1) Cogburn(4) Coils(1) Coker(1) Colbert(2) Cole(9) Coleman(10) Collard(1) Collier(1) Collins(8) COLPEPPER(1) Colquette(1) Colquitt(2) Comaday(1) Comens(3) Comer(4) Commander/COMMANDER(20) CONAN I of Rennes(1) Conder(1) Cone(6) Conine(3) Connell(8) Conner(6) Connor(1) Conquest(3) CONSTANCE of Provence(1) CONSTANTINE(2) Continent(1) Converse(1) Conway(6) Cook(40) Cooke(1) Cookson(1) Cookston(1) Coon(1) Cooper(14) Copeland(4) Coppin(1) Coppinger(1) Corbin(1) Corcoran(10) Corley(1) Cosson(3) Costin(1) Cothern(5) Cottingham(1) Cotton(3) Couch(1) Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine(1) Courtney(5) Covington(3) Cowden(1) Cowen(2) Cowles(1) Cox/COX(286) Cozart(2) Craft(1) Crain(1) Crawford(6) Crawley(1) Creel(2) Creswell(2) Crews(2) Cribb(10) Crim(1) Crittenden(2) Crocker(2) Crocker/Crocket(1) Crocket(1) Crockett(1) Crogham(1) Crosby(4) Crossland(1) Crouch(1) Crouse(1) Crow(9) Crowder(3) Crowe(1) Croxton(2) Crump(10) Crumpler(1) Crutchfield(1) Crymes(2) Cudworth(1) Culberson(1) Culbert(1) Culbreth(6) Cullers(1) Culpepper(10) Culver(328) Culverhouse(2) Cumbie(1) Cumming(1) Cummings(3) Cummins(1) Cunningham(2) Cupp(1) Curenton(26) Cureton(54) Currenton(1) Curric(1) Currie(10) Currington(9) Curry(8) Curtis(1) Cushman(1) Cuthbertson(1) Cutna(1) Cutrer(2) Cutts(1) Cuyler(1) Cynebald(1) Cynegth(1)
d' ABITOT(1) d'Arundel(2) d'AUBIGNY/d'Aubigny(2) d'Engaine(2) D'Estuteville(1) Dabbs(3) Dahlberg(1) DALENCON(1) Dally(1) Dalton(4) Damory(1) Dancy(2) Danford(1) Daniel(6) Daniels(12) Dannelly(4) Danner(1) Dansby(4) DARBITOT(1) Darby(3) Darcey(1) Darden(1) Darnell(2) Darsey(2) Daughtry(3) Davenport(9) David(4) Davidson(5) Davis(82) Daw(1) Dawkins(3) Dawson/DAWSON(6) Day(9) dcy265(1) Dda(4) de Audley(1) de Aylesbury(2) de Baalun(1) de Beauchamp(38) de Beaumont(17) de Berkeley(6) De BLOIS(1) de Blois-Champagne(1) de Bohun VIII, 4th Earl of Hereford(1) de Bohun(20) de Bolebec(1) de Bourgogne(1) de BRAOSE/de Braose(11) De BRETAGNE(1) de Brienne(1) de BRIWERE/de Briwere(2) De BRUCE(1) de Brus/de BRUS(4) De BUCI(1) de BURES(2) de Burgh(3) de Caen(2) de Castille(1) De Chalons(1) de Champagne(1) De CHATEAUDUN/de CHATEAUDUN(3) de CHATELLERAULT(1) de Chaucombe(1) de Chaworth(2) de Clare(8) de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis(1) de Clermont-enBeauvaisis(1) de CLIFFORD/de Clifford(2) de Clinton(1) de Conteville(1) de Contville(1) De CORBEIL(1) de COURTENAY(1) de Cromwell(1) de DAMMARTIN(2) de Echyngham(1) de Engaine(1) de Exoudon(1) de Falaise(1) de Fauconberge(4) de FIENNES II(1) de Fiennes(1) de France(2) de Gael(1) De Geneville(1) de GERNON/de Gernon(3) de Glanville(2) de Greinville(2) de Grey(2) de Greystoke(1) de Harcourt(2) de Hastang/de HASTANG(4) de Hugleville(1) de Huntingfield(6) De Icham(3) De Isham(2) de la Flêche(1) de la MARCHE(1) de la Noye(1) de la Poole(1) de Lacy(2) de LANCASTER/de Lancaster(5) De Lancey(1) de Lille(1) de Longespee(1) de Lucy(2) de LUSIGNAN(1) de Marais(1) De Meschin(1) de Meschines(1) de MEULAN(2) de Mohun(2) de Mons(1) de Montalonier(1) de Montchensy(1) de MONTDIDIER/de Montdidier(2) de Montfichet(4) de Montfort de Gael(1) de Montfort/de MONTFORT(5) De MONTLHERY(1) de MORTAIGNE(2) de Mortimer/de MORTIMER(10) de Morvois(1) de Mowbray(2) de MUSCEGROS(2) de NEUFMARCHE/de Neufmarche(2) de Neville(8) de Nonant(1) de Normandie(3) de Normandy(1) de NORWICH(1) de Pabenham(1) de Pateshull(3) de Perche/de PERCHE(5) de PERCY/de Percy(5) de PETRIS(1) de Picquigni(1) de Picquigny(2) de PITRES(1) de Prescot(2) de Quincy/de QUINCY(3) de Rameru(3) De RIDEL(1) de Roucy(1) De RRNNES(1) de Rumelli(1) de Rumilly(1) De SAINT CLAIR(1) de Saint Claire(2) De SAINT CLARE(2) de Saint Valery/De SAINT VALERY/De Saint Valery/de SAINT VALERY(8) de Say(1) de Saye(1) de Sentis(1) de SOMERY(5) de Ssint Valery(1) de STAFFORD/de Stafford(5) de Stonegrave(2) de Stuteville(6) de Sudeley(1) de TALVAS(1) de TOENI/de Toeni(9) de Toni(1) de Toteneis/de TOTENEIS(2) de Tracy(1) de TROYES(1) de TURENNE(1) de Ufflete(1) de VALENCE(1) de Verdun(2) De Vergy(2) De Vermandois/de VERMANDOIS/de Vermandois(6) de VIEILLES(1) de VITRE/de Vitre(3) de Waleries(1) de Warenne(9) de Warrene(1) de Welles(1) Deal(2) Dean(7) Deane(1) Deas(1) Deason(6) Deaton(16) Deavers?(1) DeBelmeis(2) DeBraose(1) deBRETAGNE(1) Dedge(3) Deese(2) Dejernett(1) DeL GAMMEL(1) Delacroix(2) Delaney(2) Delano(1) Dellinger(44) DeLoach(5) Deloney(1) Demoss(1) Den?(1) Denmark(1) Dennis(9) Dennison(2) Denson(1) Dent(2) Denton(1) DeShazio(1) DeShazo(1) Deshler(1) Desloges(1) Devereux(8) DianeSiegel81(1) Dick(3) Dickendson(1) Dickens(1) Dickie(1) Dickinson(4) Dickson(32) Diclendennis(1) Didham(1) Dieffenbach(1) Diggs(4) Dillard(2) Dingell(3) Dismukes(1) Dixon(23) DJFreak25_2007(1) Dobbs(1) DODA(1) Dodd(1) Dodyngseles(1) Doggett(1) doHLFord(1) Dolbee(2) Doles(1) Donaldson(1) donburns516(1) Donnell(1) Dorman(1) doROBERTDEFERRERS(1) Dorrell(1) Dorsey(1) Dosset(4) Doster(3) Douglas(1) Dowd(1) Dowdel(1) Dowdell(2) Dowden(1) Dowel(1) doWilliamFitzANSCULF(1) Dowling(122) Downes(1) Downing(1) Downs(10) Drafts(1) Drake(4) Drane(1) Draper(4) Dreibholz(2) Drew(2) Drewry(1) DrewryMorris(1) Driggers(1) Driskell(2) Du Sauchoy(1) Dubose(4) Duce(1) Duck(1) Duckworth(8) Duggan(1) Duggin(2) Duke of Burgundy(1) Duke(5) Dukes(1) Dulaney(1) Duncan(9) Dunham(1) Dunn (Donn)(1) Dunn(9) Dunnam(1) Dunnaway(2) Dupin(1) Dupree(3) Durant(2) Durbin(1) Durden(2) Durham(6) DuSecoy(1) Duvall(1) Dwelley(1) Dye(4) Dyess(4) Dykes(1)
F(1) Fagan(2) Faile(1) Fails(2) Fairchild(1) Fairres(13) Falk(1) Falke(1) Falkener(1) Falwell(1) Fann(1) Farguson(1) Farley(1) Farmer(4) Farr(3) Farrar(2) Farrell(1) Farris(33) Faulk(21) Faust(2) Fears(1) Featherstone(1) Felps(2) FELTON(2) Fenn(3) Fennell(1) Fenner(2) Ferguson(5) Ferrand(2) Ferrell(5) Ferrers of Chartley(1) Ferrers/FERRERS(22) FERRIERES(2) FERRIERS/Ferriers(2) Few(4) Figgs(1) Fillingim(1) Finger(1) Finley(1) Finney(1) Fipps(1) Fisher(2) Fishure(1) Fitch(1) Fitz Alan(2) Fitz Dolfin(1) Fitz Geoffrey(1) Fitz Gilbert/Fitz GILBERT(2) Fitz John(1) Fitz Mauldred(1) Fitz Osbern(1) Fitz Otto(1) Fitz Randolph(1) Fitz Richard(2) Fitz Robert(1) Fitz Roger(3) Fitz SCROB(2) Fitz Simon(2) Fitz Thomas(1) Fitzgerald(3) Fitzpatrick(1) FitzWimarc(1) Flaitel(2) Flamingham(1) Fleming(1) Fletcher(4) Flewellen(1) Fling(1) Flourney(2) Flournoy(7) Flowerree(1) Flowers(2) Floyd(6) Flucker(1) foAubri I(1) foCharibert(1) Folds(2) Folsom(1) Foltchain(1) Ford(19) Fordum(1) Foreman(7) Forest(1) foRobertRUMELLI(1) foRogerdeMORTIMER(1) Forrester(1) Forsyth(1) Fort(5) Fortescue(1) Fortner(1) Foshee(1) Foster(10) Fouche(1) Fountain(2) Fowler(91) fowoWilliamBillToler(1) Fraley(1) Franklin(1) Fraser(1) Frazer(1) Frazier(9) Frebodye(1) Frederick(4) Fredrick(1) Free(2) Freeman/FREEMAN(19) French(2) Frensch(1) Fretwell(1) Frey(2) Frink(8) Frizel(1) Frost(5) Fuget(1) FULBERT of Falais(1) FULK IV Rechin(1) FULK V the Young(1) Fuller(3) Fulsom(3) Fulton(3) Fuqua(1) Fuquab(1) Furlow(2) Furr(1)
G*(1) GA(2) Gabel(1) Gabriel(1) Gaddy(1) Gafton(1) Gain(1) Gaines/GAINES(2) Gaither(1) Gale(3) Galfin(2) Galloway(1) Ganey(1) Gann(1) Gant(1) Gardner(10) Garfield(1) Garland(7) Garner(4) Garrard(1) Garret(1) Garrett(7) Garris(2) Garvoice(1) Gary(5) Gassett(1) Gasten(1) Gates(1) Gatlin(1) Gatwood(1) Gault(11) Gault, Jr.(1) Gault(5) Gawen(1) Gay (Gayt)(1) Gay(8) Gaylar(2) Gentleman(1) Gentry(1) GEOFFREY(3) George(7) GERBERGE(1) Gerhard(4) GERSENDA of Sabran(1) Gholson(1) Gibb(1) Gibbon(1) Gibson(107) Giddens(1) Giffard(3) Gilbert/GILBERT(4) Gilbreath(1) Giles(18) GILL/Gill(4) Gilley(4) Gilliam(2) Gilliland(3) Gillman(6) Gilmore(4) Gingerich(5) Gingery(1) Ginny(1) Gipson(1) Givens(2) Glascock(1) Glass(4) Glenn(3) Glover(3) GLUMRA(1) Goar(1) Gober(1) GODEHILDE(1) GODFREY/Godfrey(4) Godwin(4) Goff(18) Goines(1) Gold(1) Golden(3) Golding(1) Goldwire(1) Golphin(1) Gonder(1) Goodwin(10) Goolsby(1) Gordan(1) Gordon(18) Gore(33) Gorges(1) Gorman(1) Gormsson(1) Gossett(1) Gough(1) Gould(1) Goushill(1) Gowan(2) Grace(50) Graddy(2) Graham(2) Grammer(1) Granger(1) Grant(5) Grantee(1) Grantham(7) Grason(1) Graves(19) Gray(16) Graybill(1) Greazel(1) Green(13) Greene(1) Greenway(7) Greenwood(1) Greer(8) Gregg(2) Gregory(1) Gresham(9) Greville(1) Grice(1) Griffen(1) Griffin(13) Griffith(3) Griggs(18) Grimes(8) Grimmer(1) Grimmett(1) Grisham(21) Grissol(1) Grooms(1) Gross(1) Grubbs(1) Gruber(2) GUI(1) Guilford(12) GUINN/Guinn(2) Gulledge(2) Gullege(1) Gunlock(1) Gunnora/GUNNORA(2) Gunter(5) Gustafson(1) Gutney(1) Guy(1) Guynes(1) Guyton(1) Gwatney(1) Gwyn(2)
Habersham(1) Hacket(1) Haddick(2) Haddock(1) Haddox(1) Hadley(1) Hagan(1) Hagelgans(1) Hagerty(1) Hagins(1) Hagler(7) Hainaut(1) Haines(1) Hair(1) Haisty(2) HALFDAN, the Old(1) Hall/HALL(17) Hallford(10) Halstead(1) Ham(1) Hamblin(1) Hamil(2) Hamilton(9) Hamlin(1) Hamm(1) Hammack(3) Hammock(2) Hammon(1) Hammond(3) Hammonds(1) HAMPTON/Hampton(3) Hanahan(2) Hanbury(2) Hanchey(3) Hancock(3) Hand(2) Handley(1) Hanks(2) Hanley(1) Hanners(1) Hansen(1) Hanson(1) Hapy(1) Harbert(2) Hardaway(1) Hardee(1) Harden(4) Hardt(2) Hardwick(6) Hardy(4) Hare(1) Hargrave(1) Hargrove(7) Harker(1) Harllee(1) Harman(1) Harmon/HARMON(2) Harp(1) Harper(11) Harrell(5) Harrington(3) Harris(28) Harrison(10) Hart(3) Harter(1) Hartle(1) Hartley(1) Harton(1) Hartsfield(1) Hartzog(1) Harvell(1) Harvey(12) Harville(2) Hasell(1) Haskall(1) Hastings(1) Hastler(1) Hasty(5) Haswell(2) Hatcher(3) Hatchett(1) Hatfield(2) Hathaway(1) Hathcock(2) Hathorn(1) Hauduich(1) Hawke(1) Hawkins(18) Hawley(1) Haws(1) Hawthorne(1) Hay(4) Hayes/HAYES(9) Haygood(1) Haynes(2) Haywood(2) Hazard(1) Hazeltine(1) Heard(10) Hearn(4) Hearndon(1) Heath(10) Hedden(2) Heddins(1) Hefner(1) Heil(1) Helff(1) Hellenburg(1) Helms(31) Heloise(1) Helsel(1) Helton(1) Henderson(26) Hendrick(2) Hendrix(4) Henley(2) Henrich(1) Henry(3) HERLEVE (Harlette)(1) HERLEVE(1) Herndon(4) Heron(2) Herren(1) HERRICK(1) Herrin(2) Herrindon(1) Herring(9) Herrington(2) Herron(1) Hervey(1) Hester(66) Hestle(1) Hewet(1) Heydrick(1) Hickerson(4) Hickman(4) Hicks(94) Hickson(3) Higginbotham(2) Higgins(1) High(10) Highsmith(2) Hightower(1) HILDEGARDE(1) Hildreth(2) Hill/HILL(29) Hilley(1) Hilliard(1) HILTRUDE (or Raginhilde)(1) Hilyard(1) Hinckle(1) Hinds(2) Hines(9) Hinson(2) Hinton(9) Hitchcock(1) Hobbs(1) Hodge(1) Hodges(12) hoEdithJackson(1) Hoffman(1) Hogan(2) Hogg(2) Holbrook(1) Holcomb(4) Holden(1) Holder(4) Hole(1) Holland(3) Holley(3) Holliday(1) Holliman(3) Hollingsworth(2) Hollis(18) Holloman(6) Holloway(2) Holman(7) Holmes(6) Holston(1) Holtzclaw(1) Holway(1) Homes(1) Honeycutt(2) Hood(2) Hooker(1) Hooks(1) Hooper(1) Hoover(5) Hopkins(3) Hopson(1) Horn(7) Horne(11) Horsley(1) Horton(9) Hoskins(1) Houghton(6) House(13) Hously(1) Houston(6) Howard(8) Howell(28) Howie(1) Howland(1) HROLF NEFIA(1) Hubbard(2) Hubbert(2) Hubbs(1) Hubert(2) Huckaby(2) Huddleston(3) Hudgens(11) Hudson/HUDSON(244) Hudspeth(7) Huff(1) Huggins(2) Hughes(101) Hughey(2) Hughlett(6) Hulen(2) Humphrey(2) Hunoon(1) Hunt(10) Hunter(8) Hupcik(1) Hurd(2) Hurley(1) Hurlong(2) Hurst(4) Hutchings(1) Hutchinson(4) Hutson(1) Hutto(2) Hyatt(1) Hybert(1) Hyde(1) Hyman(2)
L(1) Lackey(1) Ladson(1) Lakney?(1) Lamar(6) Lamb(3) Lambert(2) Lamkin(4) Lammon(2) Lampley(2) Lancaster(12) Lander(1) Landers(1) Lane(7) Laney(5) Langdon(1) Lange(1) Langford(4) Lanier(6) Lansom(1) Laramore(1) Larmore(2) Lary(1) Lassater(1) Lasseter(2) Lassiter(1) Latham(1) Latimer(51) Lavender(2) Lawder(1) Lawrence(3) Lawson(13) Lay(1) Layfield(4) le Botiller Butler(1) le Despenser/Le Despenser(5) le Fitzwith(1) le GOZ(4) le MESCHIN/le Meschin(3) Le Reverend(1) Lea(2) Leach(3) Leapham(1) Leath(1) LeBlanc(2) LeBON(1) Leckie(1) Ledbetter(4) Lee(8) Leffel(1) Legault(2) Legg(1) Leggett(12) Lehane(2) Leigh(1) Leming(3) Lenard(1) Lennard(1) Lennert(1) Lenoir(17) LenoraMcA(1) Leonard(2) LeROTROU(1) LESLEY(2) Lett(1) Leverett(4) Levering(1) Levi(1) Leward(1) Lewis(19) Lightner(2) Liles(1) Lilly(1) Lincecum(9) Linches(1) Lindsay/LINDSAY(17) Lindsey(14) Lingo(3) Linn(1) Linnevold(1) Linton(1) Lipham(1) Lisenby(2) Little(11) Livingston(4) Liviston(1) Lloyd(3) Lockard(2) Locke(47) Lockey(1) Lockhart(6) Loflin(8) Loftin(1) Loftis(2) Lofton(4) Logan(3) Logue(1) Lolley(1) Lomenack(1) Lominack(1) Long(41) Longstreet(2) Lord(3) Lore(1) Lott(6) Love(5) Lovett(2) Lovin(14) Low(4) Lowe(2) Lowery(2) Lowman(2) Lowry(2) Loyd(7) Lucas(4) Lucindey(1) Lucky(1) Ludlam(1) LUDOLPH(1) Luke(1) Lumpkin(1) Lunsford(4) Lurety(1) Lygon(6) Lynch(5) Lynn(1) Lyons(5)
M.(1) M.C.(2) M.G.(1) M.N.(1) mac Echdach(1) MacCrinan(1) Mace(1) Machoke?(1) Mack(1) Mackay(1) Mackdole(1) Mackey(1) Macon(2) Maddox(12) Maddux(3) Madkife(1) Magnus(7) Mahaffey(1) Mainer(1) Major(1) Mallory(5) Malone(4) Maloy(5) MANCER(1) Mancill(1) Mandeville(1) Maness(1) Mangham(3) Manley(12) Mann(1) Manning(3) Mansel(8) Mansfield(1) Map(1) Marcus(1) Mardre(1) Margaret(1) Margrett(1) Markham(1) Marks(5) Marsh(2) Marshal/MARSHAL(4) Marshall(2) Martel(1) Martin(43) Mary(1) Mask(1) Mason(8) Massengale(2) Massey(6) Masters(4) Mathews(1) Mathis(5) Matthew(1) Matthews(23) Matthewson(1) Maud of Evereux(1) Maudit(6) Maughan(1) Maund(119) Maune(2) Maupas/MAUPAS(3) Mautravers(3) MAverett61(1) Maxwell(2) May(5) Mayo(3) Mays(2) McAdams(1) McAllister/Mcallister(3) McAlpin(1) McArthur(1) McBride/Mcbride(7) McBurney(1) McCall/Mccall(7) McCallister(2) McCammon(1) McCarthur(1) McCarthy(1) McCarty(159) McCaskill(1) McClamroch(1) McClellan(1) McClendon(28) McCleod(1) McCllister(1) McCloud(1) McColgan(1) McColl(2) McCollum(1) McCon(1) McCook(15) McCormack(3) McCormick(2) McCoy(1) McCranie(3) McCrary(2) McCroskey(4) McCullers(3) McCulloch(5) McCumbee(1) McDade(1) McDaniel(2) McDavid(1) McDole(1) McDonald(17) McDowell(4) McElroy(6) McEntyre(1) McFadden(2) McFarland(4) McFay(1) McGaugh(2) McGee(4) McGeehee(1) McGehee(1) McGill(1) McGilton(1) McGirt(1) McGough(3) McGowan(1) McGregory(1) McGriff(4) McHan(1) McHargue(1) McHenry(1) McIntosh(2) McIntyre(1) McInvaile(1) McKay(2) McKeithan(3) McKelvey(1) McKenzie(15) McKinley(1) McKinnie(1) McKinnon(5) McKinsey(1) McKinzie(2) McKissack(1) McKnight/McKNIGHT(7) McLane(1) McLaren(1) McLaughton(1) McLaurin(8) McLaurine(2) McLean(14) McLendon(5) McLeod(1) McLerran(1) McMahon(3) McMath(2) McMealy(1) McMillan(1) McMillian(3) McMurchy(5) McNab(1) McNeal(2) McNeil/McNEIL(10) McPhail(1) McPherson(1) McRae(2) McSwean(2) McTire(1) McWhorter(1) McWilliams(2) Meade(1) Meadows(2) Meaux(1) MECHTILDE of Ringelheim(1) Medlock(9) Meek(1) Meeks(1) Melton(3) Meng(5) Menshaw(3) Mercer(5) Merchant(1) Meredith(1) Meriot(1) Merrell(3) Merritt(24) Metcalf(3) mhalsey2(1) Michael(1) Middlebrooks(2) Middleton(5) Mildmay(2) Miles(6) Millens(1) Miller/MILLER(135) Mills(5) Milner(2) Milstead(1) Mimms(2) Mims(8) Minerad(1) Minor(1) Minshew(2) Minter(3) Minton(2) mistress(1) Mitchel(1) Mitchell(20) Mixson(2) MNU(2) Mobley(1) Mock(1) Moffitt(1) Mohone(5) moIsaacSimmons(1) Moisant(1) moJuliaAnnYoung(1) moKenardNewtonTurpin(1) MOLINES(2) Moll(1) Molyneaux(1) Moncrief(2) Monger(3) Monk(1) Monroe(1) Montford(1) Montgomery(5) Moody(2) Mooneyham(32) Moor(1) Moore(36) moRandulphdeGERNON(1) Moree(2) Morehead(1) Moreland(1) Morgan(17) Morris(18) Morrison(2) Morrow(2) Morse(11) Morton(4) Morwood(1) Moseley(2) Mosely(1) Moses(3) Mosley(2) Moss(12) Motes(1) Mothershead(1) Mott(5) mowoWilliamBillToler(1) Mugnedon(1) Muinrermur(1) Mulkey(1) Mullins(2) Mullis(1) Mumford(1) Mundy(1) Munn(4) Murdock(1) Murphey(1) Murphy(84) Murray(5) Murrell(1) Muse(1) Musgrove(2) Musick(1) Musselwhite(1) Muthry(1) Myers(2)
Pabenham(2) Pabodie(2) Pace(7) Padgett(1) Page(2) Paggett(1) Painter(1) Palmer(9) Panell(1) Paramore(1) Pardue(2) Parish(8) Park(3) Parker(59) Parks(2) Parmer(15) Parr(5) Parremore(1) Parrish(1) Parrott(3) Parry(1) Parson(1) Parsons(3) PARTRIDGE(1) Paschall(1) Pastel(1) Pate(6) Patterson(36) Patton(14) Paul(1) Paulding(1) Paulk(1) Payne(6) PAYNEL(3) Payton(1) Peace(1) Peacock(13) Pearce(6) Pearson(3) Peddington(1) Pederson(1) Pehrson(2) Pelham(2) Pendergrass(1) Pendleton(1) Penix(3) Pentecost(1) Penton(1) Percy(1) Perdue(1) Perkerson(3) Perkins(6) Perry(8) Person(4) Persons(1) Peter(1) Peters(3) Peterson(9) Petrie(1) PETRONILLA of Aragon(1) Peverel of Bourn(1) Peverel/PEVEREL(8) Peveto(2) Pfeiffer(1) Pharoah(1) Phelps(8) Phifer(1) Philbrick(1) Philips(2) Phillip(1) Phillips(130) phx2128(1) Pickard(4) Pickens(1) Picknell(1) Picot(1) Pierce(6) PIERS(1) Pierson(1) Pilcher(2) Pinckard(2) Pinkard(1) Pinkethman(2) Pinkston(4) Pinston(1) Pipes(4) Pipkin(1) Pippin(3) Pitman(2) Pittman(7) Pitts(2) Plantaganet(2) Plantagenet(6) Plummer/PLUMMER(7) Pody(1) Poitevint(1) Poitivient(1) Pollard(4) Polley(1) Polly(1) Poole(12) Pope(14) POPPA(1) Porch(1) Porter(3) Portlock(1) Portluck(1) Portwood(2) Posey(5) Poston(1) Poteet(1) Potter(3) Potts(4) Pound(4) Pounds(2) Powders(1) Powell(40) Powers(12) Powlridge(1) Pratt(1) Prence(1) Prescott(13) Preston(3) Prestwood(6) Prettyman(2) Price(9) Pride(1) Pridgen(5) Priest(31) Pritchett(2) Pritchit(2) Private(1) Probus(1) Prosser(1) Pruett(1) Pruitt(1) Prynne(3) Pryor(1) Psalmous?(1) Pugh(3) Pullen(4) Purvis(4) Pyle(1)
Quarles(1) Queen(1) Quick(2)
R.(1) Rabun(2) Rachels(9) Rackley(33) Ragan(1) RAGNVALD I, the Wise(1) Ragsdale(9) Railey(1) Rainey(1) RAINOU(1) Rains(2) Ramage(3) Ramer(1) Ramey(1) Ramsey(11) Randell(1) Randolph(3) Rane(1) Raper(1) Rasberry(1) Raub(5) Raup(14) Rawlins(3) Rawlinson(1) Rawls(2) Ray(5) Rayfield(1) Rayment(1) Rayner(1) Razor(1) Read(3) Ready(1) Reagan(1) Reaves(2) Rebecca(1) Red1492(1) Redd(9) Reddick(4) Redding(3) Reddish(2) Reddoch(7) Reddock(3) Rede(1) Redwine(1) Reece(1) Reed(10) Reese(11) Reeves(13) Reid(4) Reitzel(1) Reitzell(26) Rembert(1) Rendleman(1) Rendlman(1) Renfroe(1) Renner(2) Rentz(2) Resiner(1) Respress(1) Rev(1) Reyburn(1) Reynolds(8) rharden65(1) Rhea(1) Rhoades(1) Rhodes(52) Ribemont(2) Rice(7) RICHARD I the Fearless(1) RICHARD(1) Richards(4) Richardson(10) Riche(1) RICHENZA of Poland(1) Richey(2) Rickerson(1) Ricks(1) Riddick(1) Ridings(1) Ridley(5) Rigsby(1) Riley(10) Ringo(1) Ritchey(1) Ritter(1) Rivers(2) Rives(1) rlph819(1) Roan(2) Roberson(13) Roberts/ROBERTS(13) Robertson(12) Robins(2) Robinson(2) Roby(1) Roche(2) Roe(2) Roebuck(3) Rogers(16) Rogillio(1) Rohleder(1) Roiley(1) Rollins(8) Rone(1) Roscoe(1) Rose(4) Ross(8) Rosser(4) Rouse(5) Rousseau(1) Rowan(8) Rowden(1) Rowe(3) Rowell(4) Rowland(4) Rowton(1) Roy(1) Royal(1) Royster(1) rturner395(1) Rubi(1) Rudd(4) Ruddell(4) Rudder(1) Ruddlan(1) Ruffin(26) Runald(1) Runnalds(1) Runnels(5) Runyan/RUNYAN(7) Rushin(2) Russ(1) Russell(9) Rutherford(1) Rutland(1) Rutledge(2) Ryan(3) Rye(1) Rædburga(1)
S.H.(1) S.L.(1) Saffold(1) SaintElizabeth(1) Saliba(1) Saliers(6) Saller(1) Salmons(1) Salvin(1) Samford(1) Sammons(1) Sampler(1) Sams(7) Samson(2) SANCHA of Castille(1) Sanderford(12) Sanderlin(2) Sanders(9) Sandford(48) Sandifer(1) Sanford(78) Sansbery(1) Santangelo(1) Sapwell(2) Sarah(1) Sary(1) Sasnett(2) Sasser(6) Satcher(4) Satterthwait(1) Satterwhite(1) Saucier(2) Saunders(4) Saussey(1) Savage(6) Savidge(5) Sawtell(1) Sawyer(9) Saxon(1) Saye(2) Scales(2) Scarbrough(1) Scarlett(2) Scharer(1) Scheel(1) Schetter(1) Schley(1) Schmidt(1) Schneider(2) Schoffel(2) Schuffert(2) Schwartz(1) Scoggins(1) Scogin(1) Sconyers(1) Scorn(1) Scott(12) Screven(1) Scruggs(2) sdheaton1(1) Seal(3) Seals(6) Searcy(1) Sears(1) Seat(1) Seatzin(1) Seawell(5) Seccrist(1) See(1) Segars(4) Segers(1) SEGRAVE(1) Segrest(2) Seipt(2) Seisyll(1) Seitz(1) Sellers(3) Senlis(1) Sessions(5) Sewell(3) Sexton(2) Seymour(2) Sh?(1) Shackelford(1) Shackleford(3) Shade(6) Shadwick(2) Shakleford(1) Shannon(1) Sharkin?(1) Sharp(4) Sharpe(3) Shaver(1) Shaw(9) Shay(6) Sheffield(2) Shelby(4) Shelman(1) Shelton(3) Shepherd(1) Sheppard(17) Sherrill(1) Sherrod(1) Sherston/SHERSTON(3) Sherwood(1) Shields(5) Shines(1) Shinholster(1) Ship(5) Shipes(1) Shirey(2) Shirley(17) Shiver(13) Shivers(5) Shoaly(1) Shockly(1) Shoemaker(1) Short(2) Shuffle(1) Shurley(2) Shy(4) Shytles(1) Sides(1) Sidewell(1) Sigeferth(1) Sigelhelm(1) Silas(1) Siles(1) Sills(1) Simmonds(3) Simmons(227) Simms(5) SIMON(1) Simpkins(1) Simpson(1) Sims(8) Sinclair(17) Singleton(3) Sinquefield(1) Sinsel(1) Skaggs(1) Skelton(2) Skinner(9) Skipper(8) Skvorc(2) Slade(1) Slater(3) Slattery(1) Slaughter(9) Slaydon(2) Slayton(1) Sloan(37) Slocomb(2) Smallwood(1) Smart(6) Smenner(1) Smith(188) Smithwick(51) Smyre(1) Snead(1) Snell(3) Snellgrove(1) Soles(5) Solmon(1) Sommersett(1) Son(1) Sorrells(1) Soto(1) Soule(32) Soulier(1) Souls(1) South(1) Southerland(1) Spann(2) Sparks(2) Spaulding(1) Spear(1) Spears(4) Speer(1) Speight(3) Speirs(1) Speller(1) Spencer(1) Spenser(2) Spier(1) Spiers(1) Spikes(1) Spillers(4) Spivey(6) Spradley(2) Spreling(1) Springer(2) Springle(1) SPROTA(1) Spruill(9) Spry(3) Spurlock(1) St John(1) St Ælfgifu(1) Stafford/STAFFORD(11) Stallings(2) Stallions(1) Stamper(1) Stamps(1) Standifer(1) Standish(1) Stanford(2) Stanley(5) Stansel(2) Stansell(44) Stanton(3) Stanyarne(1) Starling(3) Statham(1) Stead(1) Steel(1) Steele(1) Steen(3) Stembridge(2) Stephen(1) Stephens(7) Stephenson(1) steveellis163(1) Stevens(3) Stevenson(2) Stewart(13) Stiles(1) Still(3) Stillwell(1) Stinson(6) Stobar(1) Stockdale(1) Stockley(1) Stocks(1) Stogner(2) Stogsdil(1) Stokes(27) Stone(1) Story(7) Stout-Hyde(1) Stradley(1) Strawther Jr(1) Strawther(1) Street(1) Stribling(2) Strickland(14) Stricklin(1) Stringer(4) Striplin(2) Stripling(61) Stroder(1) Stroop(1) Strother(5) Stroud(6) Stroup(8) Stryker(1) Stuart(3) Stubbs(2) Stuber(1) Stuckey(4) Sturges(2) Stutts(24) Sugg(21) Suggs(2) Sullivan(1) Summerford(1) Summerville(1) Sumner(2) Surbey(3) Surrett(2) Sutton(28) Swaim(2) Swain(3) Sweden(1) Sweeden(1) Swift(1) Swindle(1) Swink(2) Swint(1) Swisher(2) Syagrius(1) Sykes(1) Sylvester(2)
T(1) TABB/Tabb(9) Tabor(1) TAILLEBOIS(1) Talbot(2) TALLEBOIS(1) TALLIFER(1) TALVAS(1) Tankersly(1) Tapley(2) Tarburton(1) Tarver(4) Tasker(1) Tate(6) Tatom(1) Tatum(3) Taylor(37) Teal(7) Teasley(3) Templeton(1) Templin(1) Tennell(1) Tennessee(1) Tennille(2) Terrell(1) Terry(1) TEUTBERG(1) Tew(1) the Saxon(1) THEODERATA(1) Thetford(1) Thigpen(1) Thomas/THOMAS(44) Thomley(5) Thompson(37) Thomson(3) Thorn(2) Thorne(1) Thornton(5) THOROLD(1) Thrash(1) Thrasher(1) Threewins(1) Throckmorton(4) Thrower(62) Thweat(1) Tidwell(1) Tillman(20) Tilman(2) Timmerman(1) Tindal(3) Tindell(9) Tindol(1) Tinley(1) Tipton(1) Tittle(17) Tobler(6) Todd(1) Toland(1) Tolar(55) Tolbert(1) Toler(190) Toller(4) Tollett(1) Tomkins(1) Tomlinson(5) Tompkins(1) Toney(1) TOOKE(2) Toole(1) Toomey(1) Torgerson(1) Torrence(1) Tottenham(1) Toulouse(1) Towers(1) Towler(13) Townsend(9) Tracey(1) Traherne(1) Trammel(4) Trammell(1) Traudt(1) Travis(2) Trawick(26) Traylor(2) Treherne(5) Trehorn(1) Tribble(9) Trimble(1) Trippe(1) Truitt(1) Trussell(2) Tucker(12) Tuder(1) TURINCBERTUS(1) Turk(1) Turley(1) Turnage(9) Turnbull(1) Turner/TURNER(20) Turpin(15) Turpine(5) Tye(7) Tyler(2) Tyre(1) Tyson(1) Tyus(1) Tzautzina(1)
Van Dyke(1) Vance(2) varcsix(1) Vaslie(1) Vaughan(1) Vaughn(2) Veal(3) Veale(3) Veasey(1) Veazey(20) Vergy(1) Viator(1) Vickers(6) Vincent(1) Vining(3) Vinson(46) Virden(1)
W Beach(1) W.(1) W.C. by uaogal(1) W.W.A. by Nevan1941(1) w1JosephEllis(1) w1oJamesMiller(1) w1oJohnBecham(1) w1oJonBeauchamp(1) w1WmMaundII(1) w2oJohnBeacham(1) w2oRobertELeeCasey(1) w2oWmMaundII(1) Waddington(1) Wade(2) Wadley(1) Wadsworth(6) Waggoner(3) Wagnor(1) Wagoner(1) Waite(1) Wake(1) Walden(1) Waleries(1) Wales(1) Walker(45) Wall(4) Wallace(5) Waller(19) Walling(1) Wallis(2) Wally(1) Walsh(1) Walter(2) Walters(14) Walton(16) Wambersie(1) Wammack(1) Warberton(1) Warborton(1) Warburton(2) Ward(27) Warden(1) Ware(2) Warr(2) Warren(2) Wash(2) Washington(1) Waters(5) Watford(7) Watkins(30) Watson(78) Watts(6) Weathers(1) Weaver(1) Webb/webb(39) Webster(1) Weeks(7) Weems(5) Weill(4) Welch(9) Welcher(1) Weldon(107) Wells(5) Welsh(1) Wentworth(1) Wesley(2) Wesson(1) West(13) Westbrook(11) westems101(1) Westmoreland(9) Whaley(11) Whatley(17) Wheat(1) Wheeler(20) Wheelock(1) Wheless(2) Whetstone(1) Whiddon(6) Whigham(1) Whitaker(2) White(30) Whitehead(2) Whitehurst(1) Whiteside(5) Whitfield(22) Whittington(1) Whittle(1) Whitton(1) Wicker(1) Wickly(1) Wickon(1) Wicks(1) Wife/wife(17) Wiggins(5) Wikle(2) Wilberry(1) Wilcher/WILCHER(47) Wilcox(1) Wild(1) Wilder(6) Wiley(2) Wilford(1) Wilhelm(1) Wilkerson(1) Wilkes(3) Wilkins(2) Wilkinson(5) Willard(3) Willcoxin(1) Willett(1) William(1) Williams(52) Williamson(22) Williby(4) Williford(1) Willingham(1) Willis(12) WILLISWINT(1) Willoughby(3) Wills(1) Willson(1) Wilson(38) Wiltshire(1) Wimberly(1) Windham(11) Windom(1) Windsor(2) Wingate(35) Wingfield(1) Winn(2) Winter(2) WINTERSHALL(1) Winthrow(1) Winzer(1) Wise(3) Wisener(1) Witherington(2) wkenna61(1) wo?Smith(1) woAbnerAtkinson(1) woAbrahamReddick(1) woAlbaConwayDellinger(1) woAlbertCasey(1) woAlbrightAverett(1) woAlexanderAvera(1) woAlexanderWalker(1) woAllenFrancisCasey(1) woAllenHaddick(1) woAndrewBarber(1) woAndrewHChitty(1) woAndrewHESTER(1) woAndrewJacksonAverett(1) woAndrewTolar(1) woAnthonyNORTH(1) woArchibaldAverett(1) woArtherWRoberson(1) woArthurAvera(1) woAveryAverett(1) woBattMurphy(1) woBenjaminAverett(1) woBenjaminFBrown(1) woBenjaminNathanielAverett(1) woBenjaminThompson(2) woBenjaminWelch(1) woBenjaminWilcher(1) woBenjSimmmons(1) woBenjSoule(1) woBernaldDeSAINTVALERY(1) woBriceMiller(1) woBurtonheadBoutwell(2) woCecilLRSandford(1) woChampionLFarris(1) woCharlesHEverett(1) woCharlesMcDonald(1) woChrBeacham(1) woChristopherAveritt(1) woCurtisMCasey(1) woDanielConner(1) woDanielFowler(1) woDanielJMcCarty(1) woDanielSAveryt(1) woDavidArd(1) woDavidAverett(2) woDavidPoole(1) woDempseyCasey(1) woDempseyDowling(1) woDempseyToler(1) woDennisSSandford(1) woEdmondAverett(1) woEdmundBeauchampIII(1) woEdwardAFairres(1) woEdwardARaup(1) woEdwardBarbaree(2) woEdwardBBallard(1) woEdwardBeauchamp(1) woEdwardCoxI(1) woEdwardPrince(1) woEliasBallard(1) woEliasDAWSON(1) woElishaLawrenceBallard(1) woEmmettAverett(1) woEnochStory(1) woEphraim(1) woEthelrodWood(1) woFisherLenoir(1) woFrankKidikas(1) woGeoffreydePERCHEII(1) woGeorgeGray(1) woGeorgeHarper(1) woGeorgeHShade(1) woGeorgeHudsonSr(1) woGeorgeLea(1) woGeorgeParker(1) woGeorgeSmith(1) woGeorgeSoule(1) woGeorgeWDunn(2) woGeorgeWWatts(1) woGideonLincecum(1) woGodfreySpruill(1) woGreenSCox(1) woHardyEverett(1) woHartChampion(1) woHenryAveraJr(1) woHenryAverett(1) woHenrydeFerrers(1) woHenryJernigan(1) woHenryJones(1) woHenryMcCoy(1) woHershelKillebrewBailey(1) woHughSmithwick(1) woHumphreydeVieilles(1) woIsaacAvera(1) woIsaacSimmonsJr(1) woIzraelBurney(1) woJacobBankston(1) woJacobMiller(1) woJacobSailers(1) woJacobSimmons(1) woJames Hogg(1) woJamesAdams(1) woJamesAlford(1) woJamesAverett(1) woJamesBallard(1) woJamesBriton(1) woJamesCalvinCaseySr(1) woJamesCulver(1) woJamesCureton(1) woJamesEverett(1) woJamesGrace/woJamesGRACE(2) woJamesHarvey(1) woJamesHudson(1) woJamesMAverett(1) woJamesRoberts(1) woJamesStringer(1) woJamesYoungblood(1) woJCCurenton(1) woJeremiahAverett(1) woJeremiahCloud(1) woJeremiahFRAZIER(1) woJeremiahMCasey(1) woJesse?Thompson(1) woJesseBallard(1) woJesseConnell(1) woJesseEllis(1) woJesseLocke(1) woJesseStallions(1) woJimmyBradley(1) woJKDavenport(1) woJnBeacham(1) woJnBeauchamoJr(1) woJoakimHudson(1) woJoelPatterson(1) woJohnAndrews(1) woJohnAverett(2) woJohnAverettJr(1) woJohnBallard(1) woJohnBiby(1) woJohnBoddieIII(1) woJohnBowman(1) woJohnBush(1) woJohnCasey(1) woJohnDavenport(1) WoJohnDay(1) woJohnEllisonEllis(1) woJohnEverett(1) woJohnFShields(1) woJohnGEverett(1) woJohnGreer(1) woJohnHARMON(1) woJohnHasty(1) woJohnJOLLEY(1) woJohnJones(1) woJohnLDixon(1) woJohnMason(1) woJohnMaune(1) woJohnMcCarty(1) woJohnMcLane(1) woJohnMiller(1) woJohnMoore(1) woJohnPoole(1) woJohnRBays(1) woJohnSBarbree(1) woJohnSimmons(2) woJohnsonGKingry(1) woJohnTreherne(1) woJohnWagnor(1) woJohnWilliamEverett(1) woJordanWilcher(1) woJosephBallardSr(1) woJosephCarson(1) woJosephCooper(1) woJosephCulver(1) woJosephEllis(2) woJosephJCurenton(1) woJosephJolly(1) woJosiahCurenton(1) woJosiasEllis(2) woJWBallard(1) woJWMurphy(1) woLawrenceBankston(1) woLemuelCasey(1) woLemuelLove(1) woLeviBallard(1) woLewisAverett(1) Wolless(1) Wolseley(3) woLutherJarrettSr(1) Womack(15) woMarionRileyTITTLEJr(1) woMartinStansel(1) woMathiasTolerSr(1) woMatthewHawkins(1) woMaxeyMoncrief(1) woMerrittHickc(1) woMicajahWilliamson(1) woMichaelGilbert(1) woMichaelHarvey(1) woMichaelMaddox(1) woMichaelMcCarty(1) woMichaelWhatley(1) woMilesCasey(1) woMJCarroll(1) woNathanGann(1) woNathanielEverett(1) woNathanielToler(1) woNathanJones(1) woNathSoule(1) Wonderleich(1) woNewdayOusley(1) woNoahSandford(1) Wood(14) Woodall(1) Woodard(1) Woodham(70) Woodridge(1) Woodruff(1) Woods(4) Woodward(9) Woodworth(2) Woolard(1) Woolbank(1) Wooley(1) woOliverSimmons(1) woOscarCasey(1) Wooten(1) woPearsonBROWNSr(1) woPearsonMBrown(1) woPeterJackson(1) woPoynesWeldon(1) woRalphBasset(1) woRalphdeMORTIMER(1) woReubenJGaylar(1) woRichardBarfield(1) woRichardCastleberry(1) woRichardIsham(1) woRichardJonesSr(1) woRichardShip(1) Workington(1) woRobertDay(1) woRobertDowns(1) woRobertHarperSr(1) woRobertMCunningham(2) woRobertMiddleton(1) woRobertRUMELLI(1) woRobertRussellRagsdale(1) woRobertWilson(1) woRogerdeMortimer(1) woRolandDeweyCasey(1) woRolandHCasey(1) Worrell(13) Worrels(2) Worsworthy(1) Worthen(3) Worthing(1) woRudolphdeWARENNE(1) woSamuelCulver(1) woSamuelJones(1) woSandersWalker(1) woSidneyLEakin(1) woSilasAverett(1) woSimeonDowling(1) WoSionMitchell(1) woSirJohnBEAUCHAMP(1) woStephenBishop(1) woStephenEmanuelBrown(1) woThomasAveraJr(1) woThomasAverett(1) woThomasBrantley(1) woThomasEverett(1) woThomasEWynn(1) woThomasGilliland(1) woThomasGoodwin(1) woThomasGreen(1) woThomasHarvey(1) woThomasHeath(1) woThomasJKemp(1) woThomasKSmith(1) woThomasLamar(1) woThomasLesley(1) woThomasMeredithStory(1) woThomasRandallMcCarty(1) woThomasRoberts(1) woThomasSimmons(1) woThomasVincent(1) woThTurk(1) wounkBecham(1) woUnkDingell(1) woUnknownAverett(2) woUnknownCasey(1) woUnknownDrew(1) woUnknownDuncan(1) woUnknownEdwards(2) woUnknownJernigan(1) woUnknownMitchell(1) woUnknownWilcher(2) woUriahShirley(1) woVirgilCCasey(1) woWACorcoranSr(1) woWIilliamHester(1) woWileyHudson(1) woWileyTribble(1) woWiliamGrace(1) woWilliamAverett(3) woWilliamBCasey(1) woWilliamBoddie(2) woWilliamCasey(1) woWilliamCox(1) woWilliamdeWARENNEI(1) woWilliamEverett(1) woWilliamGlass(1) woWilliamHester(1) woWilliamHudson/WoWilliamHudson(2) woWilliamHudsonSr(1) woWilliamJohnston(1) woWilliamJones(2) woWilliamKBarber(1) woWilliamKelly(1) woWilliamMaundJr(1) woWilliamMcInvaile(1) woWilliamNewby(1) woWilliamOscarAverett(1) woWilliamPentecost(1) woWilliamPrescott(1) woWilliamReddick(1) woWilliamShields(1) woWilliamThompson(1) woWilliamToler(2) woWillisWilson(1) woWJBomar(1) woWmGoff(1) woWmMiller(1) woWmMMaundSr(2) woWmPrescott(1) woWTBarbaree(1) woZadockCook(1) Wren(2) Wright(44) WULGRIN(1) Wyatt(3) Wyche(1) Wylie(1) Wynn(3) Wynne(6) Wyrick(3)
Yahn(1) Yam(1) Yance(2) Yarborough(2) Yarrell(1) Yates(1) Yaughan(2) Yeakel(1) York(2) Young(18) Youngblood(3)