The purpose of this study is to determine the relationships between the Averetts of early Georgia. 40+ Averett descendants of Matthew, David, Drury, Allen, Benjamin, Albright, William, and Henry have taken a DNA test and have uploaded their dna to gedmatch for more detailed analysis. DNA testing has confirmed that Matthew, David, Drury, and Allen were all sons of John Averett who came to Georgia in 1769. DNA testing has also confirmed that Benjamin William, and Albright Averett were related to John Averett but the exact relationship has not been determined yet. Circumstantial information suggests that Benjamin, John, William, and Archibald were brothers and that Albright was the son of Archibald. No suggestions at this time for the relationship of Henry Averett. If you are an Averett descendant and have your dna on and would like to be a part of the Averett group of researchers, email me at