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Elizabeth Casey (c. 1774-bef1850)


Elizabeth Casey1 daughter of Jeremiah M Casey and Nancy was born c. 1774 in Dobbs Co, NC.

[S] was possibly listed in the household of Jeremiah M Casey in the in 1790 census in Wayne Co, NC. : Jeremiah Casey: 1 male > 16 (Jeremiah), 3 males < 16 (?, James, ?); 4 females (Nancy, 3 of the following Mary, Lovey, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Sarah); no slaves. There is at least one unidentified male <16 in this census. If the 2nd unidentified male is Samuel and the census is correct, then Samuel would not have been born before 1775.2,3


Elizabeth married Thomas Johnston on Jul 19, 1802 in Cabarrus Co, NC.


Elizabeth lived in Cabarrus Co, NC in 1810.

On Dec 6, 1811 in the will of Jeremiah M Casey in Richmond Co, NC, daughter Elizabeth Casey was listed as an heir.3

Elizabeth lived in Cabarrus Co, NC in 1820.

Elizabeth lived in Cabarrus Co, NC in 1830.

Elizabeth lived in Cabarrus Co, NC in 1840. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was probably born about 1774 based on census records and herplace in the order of children in Jeremiah's will.

1790 Wayne Co NC census: probably one of the 4 females living withJeremiah

1800 location unknown, not listed with parents or sister SarahSanderford

An Elizabeth Casey married a Thomas Johnston on Jul 19, 1802 inCabarras Co NC which is two counties northwest of Richmond Co and isthe location of Charlotte.

Elizabeth's sister, Sarah/Sally, married Noah Sanderford. In 1800,Noah Sanderford and his family are living in Cabarras Co NC. By 1810the Sanderfords had moved to Richmond Co NC.

1810 Cabarrus Co NC: wife of Thomas Johnston is 26-45 (1765-1784)

1820 Cabarrus Co NC: wife of Thomas Johnson is > 45 (bef 1775)

1830 Cabarrus Co NC: wife of Thomas Johnston is 50-60

1840 Cabarrus Co NC, p 38: Elizabeth Johnston, males 1 10-15, females1 30-40, 1 60-70 (1770-1780)

1850 not found. Assumed deceased.



Johnston and Johnston appear to have been used interchangeably duringthis time period.


There are numerous Johnston marriages in Cabarrus Co in the early1800-1850 time period.


There is no direct proof that this Elizabeth whose census records Ihave listed is the Elizabeth Johnson mentioned in Jeremiah's will.Her age does fit the assumption that in his will, Jeremiah listed hischildren in order of age.


There was a Thomas Johnston/Johnson listed in the 1810, 1820 and 1830Cabarrus Co census records. The ages support that this could havebeen the same person. In 1840 Cabarrus, there was an ElizabethJohnston whose age matchesthe age of the female living with Thomas inthe earlier census records.


In 1850 Cabarrus, the David Johnston is the only Johnston familylisted. David's age is listed as 49 which would place his birh in1800 or 1801. Thomas and Elizabeth were married Jul 19 1802 so Davidis probably not their son.

Elizabeth died bef 1850. Cabarrus, North Carolina maybe.



Thomas Johnston and Elizabeth Casey had the following children:




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