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Mary Casey (c. 1781-aft1811)


Mary Casey daughter of Jeremiah M Casey and Nancy was born c. 1781 in Dobbs Co, NC.

[S] was possibly listed in the household of Jeremiah M Casey in the in 1790 census in Wayne Co, NC. : Jeremiah Casey: 1 male > 16 (Jeremiah), 3 males < 16 (?, James, ?); 4 females (Nancy, 3 of the following Mary, Lovey, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Sarah); no slaves. There is at least one unidentified male <16 in this census. If the 2nd unidentified male is Samuel and the census is correct, then Samuel would not have been born before 1775.1,2


Mary married David Parish son of David Parish and Judith Holland on May 28, 1807 in Cabarrus Co, NC.


On Dec 6, 1811 in the will of Jeremiah M Casey in Richmond Co, NC, daughter Mary Casey was listed as an heir.2

Mary died aft 1811.

Mary lived in 1850. Mary. The only mention of Mary is in her father's will where she is listedas Mary Casey. Birth year cannot be established based on censusrecords. Assuming the children in Jeremiah's will are listed in orderof birth and that Marywas old enough not to move with the family toRichmond Co in 1796, her birth can be estimated as 1778. 1790 Wayne CoNC: probably one of the 4 females living with Jeremiah 1800 1807Cabarrus Co NC: Polly Casey married David Parash on May 28, 1807.1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 NC - no David, Polly, or Mary Parrish orother spelling that fits RESEARCH NOTE: David Parash married PollyCasey in Cabarrus Co NC on May 28 1807. Polly is sometimes a nicknamefor Mary. I have chosen not to list this marriage based on lack ofcensus information for David Parash/Parrish and wife.



David Parish3 was the son of David Parish (1738-1792) and Judith Holland (1739-1792).



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