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Miles Casey (c. 1815-1839)


Miles Casey son of James Casey and Unknown Kirkland was born c. 1815 in Richmond Co, NC. He. MARRIAGE DATE: Miles had not established an independent household according to the 1833 Barbour Co AL census. Or if he had, he was still living in NC. I assume that he married after the 1833 census and died in 1839 and had three children before 1839. He would have to have been married in the 1833/1834 time frame in Barbour Co AL. The court records of 1842 mention three children. No mention is made of his wife. One could assume that she died before Miles in 1839 or that after her death in about 1842, the children chose grandfather James Casey Sr. as their guardian. The earliest recorded marriages in the Barbour Co AL marriage books are in 1838. In about 1840, the records appear much more complete.


BIRTH YEAR: Miles' brother Lemuel was bornin 1813 and married in 1836 at the age of 23. Assuming that Miles had children as early as 1834 and fought in the Indian Wars, he probably was 16-18 in 1834 which would place his birth year about1814-1818 time frame. This is just an educated guess.

1830 Richmond Co NC: son 10-15 living with parents

1833 Barbour Co AL: may be one of the males<21 living with father Lemuel Casey

Miles Casey was a Private in McInis' Co, 42nd AL Militia during the Creek War. (63)

On 18 Aug1836, Miles Casey purchased land in Range 9 Township 24 which is NW ofClio. His residence was listed as Barbour Co AL. This could have been a land grant as a result of his service in the war. Samuel (who I believe is his brother Lemuel) also purchased land in the same area three months later on Nov 23,1836. Miles Casey served as a private inthe McInis Company of the 42nd AL Militia during the Creek War along with his brother Lemuel. (63)


Andrew Casey also served, but in a different unit. Relationship of Andrew Casey is unknown. Miles died about 1839. Family legend says that after his wife died, Miles committed suicide at a spring near the Pea River Presbyterian Churchin Barbour Co AL. The land that Miles purchased in 1836 was just across the road from the church so he probably committed suicide on his own farm.


The following information comes from the Babour Co AL Orphan Court records on microfilm at the LDS center in Dothan AL. Feb1839 Stephen E. Brown (brother in law, husband of Eliza Casey) &Lemuel Casey (father) appointed as administrators of the estate of Miles Casey, dec'd.

Mar 4, 1839 Stephen Brown was appointed asadministrator of the estate of Miles Casey and ordered to take aninventory of the estate.

Jul 1839 page with information on Miles Casey missing. Dec 1839 page unreadable

Mar 1840 court ordered that the real estate of Miles Casey be sold. Apr 1840 the court ordered that Stephen Brown and Lemuel Casey appear before the court and givean account of the estate May 1840 Lemuel Casey did not appear beforethe court and the judge ordered a 'scinafaicais issue' be made andthat an attachment of Lemuel's person be issued if he did not appearbefore the next court. Aug 1840 Stephen Brown appeared before thecourt and made his return for the estate of Miles Casey. Fielding R.Brown received $37.89 from the estate. May 1841 Stephen Brownannounced that he is ready for a final disposition of the estate ofMiles Casey. He was instructed to give a 40 day notice in publicplaces. Oct 1841 Stephen Brown announced completion of his role andturns over the administration of the estate of Miles Casey to Lemuel Casey Feb 1842 'And now at this day came Hiram Casey a minor being one of the heirs of Miles Casey dec'd and selects James Casey Sen for his guardian. It is therefore ordered that said James Casey be appointed guardian of the person and property of said Hiram, a minor,and he having given bond in terms of the law it is ordered that letters issue accordingly.' Feb 1842 'And now at this day came James Casey Jr a minor, one of the heirs of Miles Casey dec'd and in open court selects James Casey Sen for his guardian and said James CaseySen having given bond and security in terms of the law, it is orderedthat (he) be appointed guardian of the said minor and that lettersissue accordingly.' Feb 1842 'And now at this day came Nancy Casey,one of the heirs of Miles Casey dec'd and she being a minor in opencourt selects James Casey Sen for her guardian and said James Caseyhaving given bond and security in terms ofthe law, it is ordered thathe be appointed guardian of the said minor and that letters issueaccordingly.' 'And now at this day came Lemuel Casey administrator ofthe estate of Miles Casey dec'd and files his return. It is orderedthat the same be received and recorded' rec'd Alan Teat $23.23 paidJas Casey guardian $90.00 James Henderson $19.75 Stephen E. Brown$30.37 Daniel Campbell $12.93 Tolotson Casey $30.00 for adm StephenE. Brown $35,87 Sarah Casey $30.00 James Casey $93.40 Court fee $2.75 Lemuel Casey signed by his mark May 1843 Lemuel appeared before thecourt and filed his return of the estate of Miles Casey. RESEARCHNOTE: The early Barbour Co AL orphan court records are grouped in fiveyear segments: I 1837-1842, II 1842-1847, III 1847-1852, and so on.Books I and II have an index. The information above comes from theindexed pages. It is not known at the present time if otherinformation exists which was not indexed. Book III and beyond do nothave an index. I have started working through this film but it willbe very time consuming.

Miles Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1830 in Richmond Co, NC.1


Miles married Unknown c. 1833 in Barbour Co, AL.

He was a Principal 2 at Event-Misc of James Casey on Aug 15, 1837 in Barbour Co, AL.2

He died in 1839 in Barbour Co, AL.



Unknown and Miles Casey had the following children:




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