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John Barberie (c. 1670-1727)


John Barberie1 son of Jean Barberie and Anna De Lancey was born c. 1670 in France.

John lived in New York City, NY in 1688.1


John married Francoise Brinqueman on Apr 10, 1694 in New York City, NY.1


John lived in New York City, NY in 1695.1

John lived in New York City, NY in 1704.1 John. Born in France (perhaps Guyenne).[102]

Mr. Vessie..., Barberie a Frenchman who had been concerned with thePirates of Madagascar and a few others whom they could possess withtheir fears, flew together out of the Province [102]

1688 Jan 5: With Peter and John Peter, John was naturalized [102]

1688 Jan 17: A certificate of verification of denization issued inLondon to John Barberie [102]

1688 Member and Elder of the French Church of New York City.[102]

Served as Juror during a trial in New York City. Speaking of thejurors - '... the majority are English. Only two have interest - thename of John Barbarie, a Frenchman who became a prominent citizen inafter years and that of Giles Shelly who within a very few years grewnotorious as a pirate...'[102]

1691 Jul 4: present - Leftenent John Barbarie[102]

1691 Sep: Left Barbarie...being absent are all to pay three finesunless sufficient reasons to the contrary by next court day [102]

1693 Dec 15: Barbare vs Cuylet. Moves day to argue case, defendantto answer tomorrow. Minutes of Supreme Court of Judicature [102]

1694 Apr 10: Today Wed 10 Apr 1694 after morning prayer was solemnlyblessed by Mr. Peyret the minister, the marriage of John Barberie,merchant at New York and of Francoise Brinqueman, widow of DenisLambert after the publishing of their bans for three successiveSundays without opposition [102]

1695 Dec: On tax list of New York City in the East Ward 90 pounds, 1shilling, 10 pence, 2 qr.[102]

1704 Feb: appointed to New York City Council [102]

1706 as a Council member was appointed one of the commission to'determine the pretenses of the Mohegan Indians to certain tracts ofland adjoining Connecticut' [102]

1712 Apr 11: a number of slaves set fire to a building and killedwhites who came up to extinguish the flames. Some slaves were foundnot guilty, others among whom was Mingo, a slave of John Barberie whowas hanged for his crime. Also, an act was passed by the Colony ofNew York to reimburse 'John Barbarie, Esq'r. his Executors or Assignsthe Quantity of fifty Ounces of Plate, for One Negro So as aforesaidExecuted' [102]

1721 May 3: a petition was signed which asked that the house of JohnBarberie in the Broadway in the South Ward near Fort George beregistered as English Presbyterian Church [102]

1727 Jan 9: 'This is as far as the records held by Mr. John Barberie,Treasurer and Secretary of the church go for he died 9 Jan 1727-8'(age 67)[102]

1727 Dec 27: will written - John Barberie of New York City leaves tograndson John Barberie, son of Peter, deceased, one half of the landat Romopock, Bergen Co NY, to go to testator's son John in case ofgrandson's John death without issue[102].

John died on Jan 9, 1726/27.1



Francoise Brinqueman1 and John Barberie had the following children:




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