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Peter John Barberie (c. 1702-bef1727)


Peter John Barberie1 son of John Barberie and Francoise Brinqueman was born c. 1702.1

Peter lived in New York City, NY in 1714.

Peter was merchant.1 He. 1715 Jan 16: Named executor of unrecorded will of George Duncan ofNew York

1721 Jun 27: Witnessed deed of George Duncan [102]

1725 mar 18: In the Name of God, Amen, I, Peter Barbarie of New York,merchant, being at present under an ill state of health. My executorsare to pay all debts. I leave to my wife Catherine, during her life,all my plantation, houses, lands and tenements in New Rochelle. And asilver coffee pot, and a small silver tankard, two small silversalvers, six silver spoons, two silver forks, two silver salt cellarsand her wearing apparel, gold watch and jewels. Also my picture andtwo negro slaves and one-half of all household goods and furniture inmy house. I leave to my only son John, my gun, swords, pistols andwatch. I leave to my daughters Frances and Elizabeth all the rest ofmy personal estate. I make my wife and my honored father, JohnBarberie, Esq., and my partner and well beloved brother-in-law JohnMoore and my esteemed friend Peter Valeete Executors. Witnesses -John Hamilton, Richard Moore, William Sharpas. Proved Dec 19 1727/28[102]

1727/1728 Dec 27: Was listed as deceased when his fahter's will waswritten.


Peter married Catherine Moore daughter of Moore.1


He died bef 1727. He was listed as deceased when his father's will was written on this date and his children were named as their grandfather's heirs.1



Catherine Moore was the daughter of Moore (c. 1675- ). She and Peter John Barberie had the following children:




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