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Temperance Hudson (1796-1886)


Temperance Hudson1 daughter of William Hudson and Unknown was born on Apr 13, 1796 in North Carolina. She daughter of William Hudson and Unknown was born on Apr 13, 1796 in Darlington, Darlington Co Cheraws District, South Carolina.1


She married John Wesley Wingate c. 1810 in North Carolina.


Temperance lived in District 1033, Mitchell Co, Georgia in 1880.1 Temperance. 1830 Darlington Co SC census: Samuel Wingate p234 and William Wingatep234. Could either of these be the brother in law of Temperance? 1840Darlington Dist SC census, p 44: Temperence Wingate 1850 Baker Co GAcensus, p 88: Temperance Wingat (e), 50 NC, cannot read/write, livingwith John Wingat (e) family 1853 Aug 3 Temperance was living in BakerCo GA when she sold her brother Aaron her interest in the estate oftheir father William for five dollars. No mention of a husband. Shesigned with an 'x'. Deed Book K, p 363, Sumter CoGA 1860 Dougherty CoGA census, Albany P.O., p 575: Temperance Wingate, age could not beread, $200, SC. Living with D. P. and S. A. Jackson. S. A. have beenher daughter or granddaughter. D. P. Jackson 31 overseer $650 MorganCo GA, S. A. 21 f Green Co GA, W. T. 4 m Lee Co GA, S. W. 2 fDougherty Co GA RESEARCH NOTES: 1830 Darlington Dist SC census:only William and Samuel are listed 1840 Darlington Dist SC censusalso lists Samuel Wingate, p 44 (same as Temperence) and WilliamWingate, p45. They could be brothers of Temperence's husband. Or onecould be the husband of Temperance and the 1840 Darlington Co SCTemperence Wingate could be another Temperence Blendia Nawrocki listS. A. as a child of Temperance. The dates are OK but 1860 census saysshe was born in Greene Co GA.

Temperance died on Sep 19, 1886.

She died on Sep 19, 1886 in Doerun, Worth Co, Georgia.1 She was buried in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Doerun, Worth Co, Georgia.




John Wesley Wingate and Temperance Hudson had the following children:




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