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Robert Hudson Sr. (1662- )


Robert Hudson Sr.1 son of Richard Hudson and Mary Bowman was born in 1662 in Henrico Co, VA. He. Robert Hudson was born about 1662 in Henrico Co VA and died post 9 Oct1731 in Henrico Co VA. He used the capital 'R' as his mark.


After his father's death Robert Hudson, along with his brothersRichard and William, was the ward of Thomas Poulden of Henrico Co. On1 Dec 1688 he paid his brother Richard Hudson 1600 pounds tobacco forthe latter's share of the plantation at Roxdale which their father haddevised them by his will of 25 Oct 1669. The plantation was the landtheir father had received from his father-in-law Bowman. It was inthe possession of Thomas Poulden at the time.


On 25 May 1681 in a deposition in Henrico Co court, Robert Hudson gavehis age as 19. He replaced William Hatcher as constable in Henrico Coon 16 May 1692. He and John Bowman were the witnesses to livery andseizien of a deed from Timothy Allen Jr to William Soane in Henrico Coon 20 Aug 1695. When his younger brother William died, he and PhilipJones were the securities for his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Hudson on 1Nov 1701. On 23 Mar 1703, Thomas Powland Sr of Henrico Co sold EdwardStandley 235 acres on the north side of Swift Creek next to RobertHudson for 3 pounds. It was part of a larger grant to him. On thesame day he sold 235 acres to Robert Hudson on the north side of SwiftCreek for 3 pounds. The deed was recorded 1 Apr 1704.


According to the 1704 quit rent roll, Robert owned 281 acres. Sincehe had recent purchased 235 acres, his inheritance from his father mayhave amounted to 23 acres. He had earlier purchased his brother'sshare.


On 2 Nov 1705, Robert Hudson and Thomas Polland Jr patented 940 acresin Henrico Co on the north side of Swift Creek. The tract hadoriginally been granted to Thomas Polland on 15 Oct 1698 who haddeserted it.


On 22 Nov 1707 William Byrd of Charles City Co VA, Esquire, sold for250 pounds to Robert Hudson, planter, of Henrico Co a 46 acre tract atRoxdale where the said Hudson lived.


Robert and Thomas Powlan, Jr divided their 940 acre plantation equallybetwen themselves on 5 Mar 1708. Hudson received the upper part.Robert sold Edward Stanley for 5 pounds a plantation on the north sideof Swift Creek containing 135 acres on 30 Oct 1709.


On 31 Aug 1710 Philip Jones and Robert Hudson sought to be dischargedas securities for Elizabeth the wife of Daniel Fore for heradministration of the estate of her late husband, William Hudson.


Robert Hudson and John Ferguson patented 400 acres on both sides ofSwift Creek in Henrico Co on 17 Aug 1725. They paid 40 shillings forthe tract. They 200 acres of the tract at the Beaver Ponds on SwiftCreek to Robert Hudson, Jr for 20 pounds on 6 June 1726. They soldanother 100 acres for 10 pounds to Henry Hudson of Henrico Co on 6 Jun1726.


On 19 May 1730, Robert Hudson Sr of Henrico sold the plantation atRoxdale where he was living to his son John Hudson for 30 pounds.Robert was still living there on 9 Oct 1731 when his son sold theproperty to Samuel Hudson for 50 pounds.


While it is not possible to learn when Robert died, he was nearly 70years of age at this time and probably did not survive much longer.

Robert died in Chesterfield, Virginia. He married Mary Farguson.



Mary Farguson and Robert Hudson had the following children:




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