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Green Moore Wheeler (1813-1871)


Green Moore Wheeler1 son of Avery Wheeler and Mary Moore was born on Apr 5, 1813 in Baldwin Co, GA.1 He. By family tradition, he was the first settler of Americus, GA. Heserved the county as sheriff and deputy sheriff for 18 years. He wascommissioned an ensign in the Sumter Co militia on 7 Mar 1836. He wasclerk and treasurer of the city, and was tax collector for the countyfor a decade, tending also to his farming interests throughout hisadult life.

It was later written of him 'For forty years he made his home in andaround Americus, and during the time his good name was never under acloud. . . Always ready to help the needy, succor the distressed, hisheart and handas open as the day to the calls of charity. Living in a'crooked and perverse generation,' he battled for the right, for thegood of society and his country.'

During his lifetime G. M. Wheeler made a habit ofr signing notes forany who asked. He felt that to refuse to do so would be to impugn thehonour of the petitioner. Unfortunately many of these friends felt nocompunctionto follow his code of honour, and would default, leavinghim to pay the note. Such incidents never shook his faith inhumanity, however.

While serving as sheriff in the early days of the town, his habitualtask was the nightly arrest of the town drunk, a certain Mr. Duck.Legal process being somewhat casual at that time, Duck would beensconced for the night in the structure which served the town asjail. Designed to secure the hardened criminal of the period, thebuilding was construced rather like a pen, of small skinned logs.Awakening in the light of early afternoon, Mr. Duck would lift out afew of the poles and emerge through the wall, remarking, 'That placemight hold chickens but it can't hold a Duck!'

Green lived in Americus but also had a house which stood on a hill tothe south of Highway 27 near the junction with Highway 49. This waslater known as 'Turpin Hill' It was here that he died on 17 Jan 1871after an illness of 2 months. He was a Mason and a member of theMethodist Church. He was buried At Oak Grove Cemetery in the Wheelerlot.


He had several children.


Green married Mary Kathleen McPherson in 1837 in Sumter Co, GA.1



He married Sarah C. Mims on Sep 26, 1850 in Americus, Sumter Co, GA.


He died on Jan 17, 1871 in Americus, Sumter Co, GA.1



Mary Kathleen McPherson and Green Moore Wheeler had the following children:




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