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Benton Moore Wheeler (1832-1904)


Benton Moore Wheeler1 son of Avery Wheeler and Mary Moore was born in May, 1832 in Americus, Sumter Co, GA.1 He. Ben was the first white child to be born in the newly surveyed SumterCo GA. His birthplace was on the Wheeler Plantation, located in theeastern part of Sumter Co on the banks of Lime Creen. At theoutbreak of the War between the States, he was an early volunteer andwent to the front with Cutts Artillery. He served for 2 years and wasdischarged because of ill health. He married to Mary Elizabeth Mimsand they had two children.


Benton married Mary Elizabeth Mims in 1850.


He died on Dec 18, 1904 in Americus, Sumter Co, GA.1 He was buried in Oak Grove Cem, Americus, Sumter Co, GA.




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