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Malachi Maund (1740-1783)


Malachi Maund


Malachi Maund1,2 son of William Maund and Mary Howell was born in 1740.1

Edgecombe Co NC was formed in 1741 from part of Bertie Co. Tarboro, the eventual county seat, was not chartered until 1760.


Malachi married Mary Howard bef 1759.


In Jun, 1761, because of a caveat offered by James Cary, attorney, on behalf of the widow. No details of will found yet.3

On Dec 20, 1773 in Norfolk Co, VA, Malachi Maund sold William Sugg 150 acres located on the south bank of Tar River and on Crooked Creek. Deed Book 2 p159.. Witnesses: Aquilla Sugg. Original grantee: William Williams July 11 1739..4

On Jul 16, 1777 in Edgecombe Co, NC, Malachi Maund sold Henry Hart and wife Priscilla.595 acres for 100 pds Virginia money. DB 3-168. Acknowledged in open court..4

Aquilla Sugg sold Malachi Maund Deed Book 3-179. NEED DETAILS acres in Edgecombe Co, NC..4

On Jul 16, 1777 Henry Hart sold Malachi Maund 595 acres in Edgecombe Co, NC. Adjacent property owners: Joseph Howell. 3 p 168.4

On Jul 1, 1779. 1779, July 1, DB E-53: State of NC grant to Henry Hart by Gov Rd.Caswell, a tract of 528 acres on Clary's Branch adjoining Alexander,James Boozman, Miles Scarborough, William Scarborough, Senr, John Rawls, and Maund. (which Maund unknown) [150 V2].

On Jul 1, 1779 a land grant of. of 528 acres on Clary's Branch. DB E-53. Was issued to Henry Hart in Edgecombe Co, NC. Adjoining: Alexander , James Boozman , Miles Scarborough , Malachi Maund.4

On Apr 13, 1780 a land grant of. 758 acres on Hatcher's Swamp and Beaver Dam Branch by NC Gov Rd Caswell. DB E-104. NC State grant No 99. Was issued to Elias Fort in Edgecombe Co, NC. Adjoining: Noah Sugg , Lemuel Sugg , Malachi Maund , Richard Sasnett , Mace.

On Feb 24, 1783 Richard Sasnett sold Barthomew Kelly 100 acres on the north side of Beaver Dam Branch for 10 pds specie. This was part of a tract granted to Sasnett on Dec 10 1778. acres in Edgecombe Co, NC. Adjacent property owners: Robert Humphrey , William Mace. Witnesses: Malachi Maund.

On May 27, 1783, 1783, May 27, DB E-284: Elias Fort of Edgecombe Co. deed of gift to his son, William Fort, of same, for love and affection a tract of 230 acres on Beaver Dam Branch adjoining Richard Sarsnett, Lemuel Sugg,and Maund, it being part of a grant of 758 acres. Wit: Robt Degges,L. Ruffin. [150 V2].


Malachi died on Oct 7, 1783 in Edgecombe Co, NC at 43 years of age.1,3

On Oct 18, 1783, 1783, Oct 18, DB 4-17: John (x) Taylor of Edgecombe Co to James Permenter of same, for 30 pds specie a tract of 160 acres on the north side of Town Creek on Clary's Branch adjoining Richard Sarsnet, Henry Hart, Malachi Maund, Nathan Edwards, and James Waller. Wit: Glidwell Killegrew, Phillip Causey.3,4


An estate sale for Mary Howard was held on on Mar 1, 1784 in Edgecombe Co, NC.

An estate sale for Malachi Maund was held on Mar 1, 1784 in Edgecombe Co, NC by Ethelred Philips. Wife was the primary purchaser.3

On Nov 9, 1784, Malachi Maund received a land grant for 100 acres on the north side of Town Creek on Tyancokey Swamp at the mouth of Dunn's Branch adjoining James Boozman and his own line. NC grant 525. acres in , Edgecombe Co, NC..4

On Mar 14, 1785, 1785, March 14, May Ct, allotment of dower to Mary Maund by jury. [150V2]

1789, Feb Ct., Account was paid to Marcum Maund.4

In Feb, 1789 in Edgecombe Co, NC the court paid Markum Maund from the account of Malachi Maund.4

In May, 1789 in Edgecombe Co, NC the court divided the money from the estate of Malachi Maund among the widow and seven children who were not named.3

On Mar 6, 1790 in Edgecombe Co, NC there was a division of land to the male orphans of Malachi Maund deceased: Daniel Champin Travis Carter Boling Nichols Maund, Hardy Maund, Malachi Maund and Lott Maund.2

On Jul 3, 1790 in Edgecombe Co, NC Malachi. Lott and Mary Maund sold land formerly granted to Malachi Maund. DB 5p396.2


Who were the parents of Mallachia Maund? Mallachia was probably born before 1750. The three known possibilities are: Lott, William III,and Noah.

Lott Maund married twice: If Mallachia is the son of Lott, his mother is probably Lott's second wife Prudence Hughlett. The will of Lott Maund has not been located. The Norfolk Co VA reference goes only through 1753. [145] His will is not listed in the Edgecombe Co NC will index. [150 V2] Therefore the death dates of Lott and Prudence are unknown.

Noah Maund. There is no documentation of a marriage or heir. His1752 will is listed in a Edgecombe Co NC will index. [150] Maybe Vol I of 'Estate Records of Edgecombe Co NC' has the will. Only Vol II is located in the Houston Co AL Library.

William Maund III and Mary Howell. His 1761 Edgecombe Co NC will only lists Hardie as a son.[053] However this does not exclude Mallachia being his son.


At this time, there is no definite conclusion as to the parentage of Mallachia. None of the three above are ruled out.



Mary Howard1 and Malachi Maund had the following children:




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