John Bowers (1665-c. 1706)


John Bowers1,2 was born in 1665.1


John Bowers signed a will on Jan 26, 1705...2

John died c. Feb 1, 1705/06 in Norfolk Co, VA.1


John Bowers signed a will on Feb 15, 1705. Executors: Suzannah Partridge.. Will of John Bowers of the western Branch of Elizabeth River

Book 7 p 98

dated 26 Jan 1705/06

proved 15 Feb 1705/1706

unto my son John Bowers a plantation of fifty Acres of Land more or Less known by the name of Nitting Saryes with a Nursery of Aple Trees now Standing on the plantation I now live on.. the Said Land being already bounded with a Surveyers Mark

unto my Son Robert Bowers a tract of Land Ly containing fifty Acres of Land be it more or Less known and Called by the Name of Deep nick being already marked and bounded as aforesaid

unto my Son james Bowers the plantation I now live on being Sixty Six Acres more or Lewss after the decease of my present Loveing wife Susannana Bowers not that She Shall hinder or molest my Son James from Liveing on the sd. land when he Shall Come to age, the Said plantation being Marked and bound as afore said

if please God that every one of my Sons John Robert or James Should dye without heires of theire body as aforesaid that then the Deep Nick being the Midle part of my Land Shall be equally devided between the two Survivors

my Children John Elizabeth Robert Judah Susana and James Bowers they Shall Come to age

wife Susana Bowers to be my whole and Sole executorix


Wit: Tho Price by his marke, Henry Whinfield, John Bowers Jun, Mathew Spivey

Signed: John Bowers and Seale.2 John married Suzannah Partridge.



Suzannah Partridge1 and John Bowers had the following children:




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