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John Barberie (1696-1762)


John Barberie1 son of John Barberie and Francoise Brinqueman was born on Apr 1, 1696 in New York City, NY.1,2

John lived in New York City, NY in 1696.

John. _ Type: GENERAL NOTES.1,2 John. 1696 May 10: baptized as Jean: most recent son of John Barberie andFrancoise Brinqueman of New York City, New York, Etienne deLancey andHendrica Kipp, Godparents [102][032]

He was a merchant in Barbados and possibly was in partnership withDavid Minveille who was a cousin. [032]

John was the godfather of David & Susannah Minveille's son, Peter, whowas born Sep 9 1725 in Barbadoes. Therefore John probably arrived inBarbadoes earlier than Peter's birth. [032]

The Ashfords, Holes, Harpers, and Barberies were all merchant/tradersin Barbados. [032].


John married Anna Hole on Dec 14, 1724 in St Michaels Parish, Barbados.2


He died in 1762 in Barbados.2



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