William Dickson (c. 1770- )


William Dickson was born c. 1770.1

Neither William Dixon or William Dickson received a land grant in Georgia.2

On Jul 6, 1792 in Shoulder Bone Creek, Greene Co, Georgia, James Alford and Lusann woJamesAlford of Greene Co sold William of Greene Co. 287 1/2 ac|| || || ||5 ||OC. On Shoulder Bone Creek. Adjacent property owners: Charles Burk , Robert Christmas , Unknown Barnett..3

[CENTER:] [BOLD:] in Hancock Co, GA was formed on Dec 17, 1793. From Greene and Washington Co. [:BOLD] [:CENTER].

On Dec 31, 1795 in Hancock Co, GA, Robert Abercrombie sold Henry Turner 191 ac on road from Sparta to Chamber's Mill||A 196|| ||5|| acres.. <DB [m2]> <([wm1])> , James William Greene <([wm2])> <, [S]> <([wm3])> <([wm4])> <([wm5])> <(SB[wm6])>... (SB 5).3

On Jan 3, 1797 in Shoulder Bone Creek, Hancock Co, Georgia, William and Hannah Dixon sold William Cureton ? ac ||D 49 || || ||a tract of land being 1/3 of grant and contains 82 ac on creek||OC. On Shoulder Bone Creek.. Witnesses: Benjamin Gordon , William Cureton , David Dixon. Original grantee: Thomas Unknown.3

On Feb 5, 1798 William Dickson sold Shaderick Roe ? ac acres in , Hancock Co. Adjacent property owners: James Wood , Unknown Burnard. Witnesses: Unknown Park. D 225.


William married Nancy Grace daughter of John Grace and Sarah Dolbee aft 1799 in Hancock Co.1




Nancy Grace1 was the daughter of John Grace Sr (c. 1730-1802) and Sarah Dolbee (c. 1732-1781).



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