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Lovey Casey (c. 1779-aft1860)


Lovey Casey1,2,3,4,5,6 daughter of Jeremiah M Casey and Nancy was born c. 1779 in Dobbs Co, NC. best guess.5 Lovey daughter of Jeremiah M Casey and Nancy was born in 1787 in South Carolina.4

Lovey lived in Wayne Co, NC in 1790. Jeremiah Casey: 1 male > 16, 3 males < 16; 4 females; no slaves..7

[S] was possibly listed in the household of Jeremiah M Casey in the in 1790 census in Wayne Co, NC. : Jeremiah Casey: 1 male > 16 (Jeremiah), 3 males < 16 (?, James, ?); 4 females (Nancy, 3 of the following Mary, Lovey, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Sarah); no slaves. There is at least one unidentified male <16 in this census. If the 2nd unidentified male is Samuel and the census is correct, then Samuel would not have been born before 1775.7,8

Lovey lived in 1800. not located..


Lovey married William Allman son of John Richard Almond and Elizabeth Unknown on Apr 14, 1800 in Cabarrus Co, NC.2,9,10


Lovey lived in 1810. not located..

On Dec 6, 1811 in the will of Jeremiah M Casey in Richmond Co, NC, daughter Lovey Casey was listed as an heir.8

Lovey lived in Union Co, SC on Aug 7, 1820. William Almon: males 2<10, 1 10-15, 1>45(bef 1775); females 1<10, 126-44(1776-1794); no slaves..1


Lovey Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1830 in Union Co, SC. Lovey Almon, sons 1 10-15 (Thomas, b abt 1820), 1 15-20 (William b abt1811), females 1 10-15 (Nancy b abt 1817), 1 40-50 (1780-1790)(Lovey), no slaves.3


Lovey Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1840 in Union Co, SC. Mrs L Alman, males 1 15-20, 1 20-30, females 1 20-30, 150-60(1780-1790).6

Lovey lived in Union Co, SC in 1850. Lovey Alman 70 living with son William and his family..5

Lovey lived in Union Co, SC in 1860. Lovy Almon 75 SC living with son William and his family..4 Lovey. Based on census records and assuming that Jeremiah Casey's children are listed in his will in order of birth, Lovey Casey was born CA1780.


Lovey and William married against their parents wishes. They fled on foot and went to Union Co SC. [280]

They lived first at 'Wildcat' on Broad River just south of Pickneyville, and he ran a store in the little community of Reidville.

William was a carpenter, merchant, millwright.

1800 census location unknown. Not found in SC or NC. In Richmond Co NC, there is a Gideon, John, and Rhuben Almon, and a Kinchen Almonds.

William and Lovey moved to Union Co SC sometime in the early 1800's.

According to a family story, sometime between 1820 and 1830 William left with the children and went to Elbert Co GA. Lovey was unhappy with this move and walked to GA and got her children. She took the children while William was building a mill not far from the home. On the way back to Union, her son Alfred became ill. He died and was buried along side the road near Greenville, SC. William was never heard from again. It is about 140 miles from Union Co SC to Elbert Co GA. So there is some doubt about her walking the distance.

Lovey was supposedly buried on the plantation of son William Ursa Alman. Exact location is unknown.


Most information on the Alman family provided by Sara, ggg-gd of William Usra. Dec 2002.


Feb 2010. Found the Union Co (SC) Heritage Book, 1991, with a longstory on this family by Mannie Lee Edwards Mabry. I don't have this lady in my records so I don't know her connection with this family.According to the book, she was born in 1912 so I am making no attempt to contact her.

BOOK Comments:

Marriage - Rockingham, VA. Lovey lived in Rockingham, Richmond Co,NC. Records indicate that Lovey married William Alman in Cabarrus Co NC on Apr 14, 1800.

the heritage book lists her husband as Joseph and Joe, the marriage record as William. Perhaps his name was Joseph William.

Lovey died aft 1860 in Union Co, SC.



William Allman1,2,10,11 was the son of John Richard Almond (1752-bef1810) and Elizabeth Unknown (1755- ). He and Lovey Casey had the following children:




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