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Nancy A. Casey (1828-aft1866)


Nancy A. Casey1,2 daughter of James Casey and Unknown Kirkland was born in 1828 in Richmond Co, NC.1

Nancy A. Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1830 in Richmond Co, NC.3

Nancy was a resident in the household of James Casey in the state census in 1833 in Barbour Co, AL.4

Nancy A. Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1840 in Barbour Co, AL.5

Nancy A. Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1850 in Division 23, Barbour Co, AL.6


Nancy married Thomas J. Kemp son of Unknown Kemp and Susan Unknown on Oct 25, 1854 in Barbour Co, AL.7


Nancy lived in Beat 4, Barbour Co, Alabama in 1860.1 Nancy. Nancy A. Casey was born in 1828 probably in Richmond Co NC. presents some what of a problem. Also living in the household are Mary 7 and James 3. Are these Nancy's children?

1830 Richmond Co NC: female < 5 living with parents

1833 Barbour Co AL: figure out which one

1840 Barbour Co AL: female 10-15 living with father and step mother

1850 Barbour Co AL: Nancy 23 NC can't read/write living with fatherJames. Also living there Mary 7 AL and James 3 AL

Her 1854 marriage to Thomas Kemp was in the local papers so that it appears that it is her first marriage.

In the 1860 census, Nancy 32 is living with husband Thomas Kemp 26 in the Mt. Andrew community just two households away from her father and his new wife, Nancy DeShazo. Living with Thomas and Nancy is James M.Casey 15 AL. This is probably the same James as in James Sr.'s 1850household. Again what relation is he to Nancy?

T Kemp appears in the 1866 Barbour Co AL census living in T11 R27which is about halfway between Eufaula and the Mt. Andrew community.Today (1998), there are no roads directly connecting this area withthe Mt. Andrew community. One would have to travel from White Oak toClayton and then to Mt. Andrew. The general area is around White Oak. This probably is not the same location where he lived. Nancy'sfather was living in T11 R25 which is the same location where hepurchased land in 1836 so it is likely that the Kemp family has movedbetween 1860 and 1866.

In the 1866 household are a male and female both over 20 and 2 malesand 2 females all <10. No soldier in the household was killed, diedor disabled as a result of the Civil War. Also living in this samearea in 1866 is T Casey whose household consisted solely of one male10-20. Since the only known brother of Nancy whose name began with a'T' was Tillman who was living in Louisianna, this would have to be acousin. This is likely Thomas Asbury Casey, son of Hampton.

No further record has been found of Thomas Kemp and Nancy Casey in theBarbour Co AL records. There are not located in 1870 in Barbour CoAL. Nancy's father and stepmother, James Casey Sr. also are locatedin the 1866 census but not in the 1870 census. Hampton's familyappears in the Mt. Andrew area in 1866 (without Hampton) but by 1870,Hepsey has moved to Eufaula.



In 1870 AL, there is a Thomas Kemp in Baker Co AL (p196) and one inShelby Co AL (p407). These are not the correct Kemp.

Nancy died aft 1866.



Thomas J. Kemp1,6 was the son of Unknown Kemp (c. 1810- ) and Susan Unknown (1800- ). He and Nancy A. Casey had the following children:




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