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Charles Edward Casey (1946-2014)


Charles Edward Casey, age 40


Charles Edward Casey son of Samuel Julius Casey and Catherine Ballard was born on Jun 15, 1946 in Beard Hosp, Troy, Pike Co, AL. He. Charles Edward Casey, born on 15 Jun 1946, was the last of three sons born to Sam and Catherine Casey. Although Charles wasn't named after family members, he bears the names of two of his great grandfathers,CHARLES A. Casey and Julius EDWARD Cox. Charles like his brothers before him was born in Troy, AL while his family lived in Pine HillAL.

Charles started school at Elba AL where his father was school superintendent. In 1961, the family moved to Dothan AL and Charles the 10th grade at Dothan High School where he played trombone in the band.

Charles graduated from Dothan High in 1964 and attended Auburn University. In 1968, Charles began work at Casey Lumber Co.

On 27 October 1976, Charles married Marty Deal Morris. Charles and Marty have raised two boys, Robby Morris, by Marty's first marriage and their son, Kevin Ballard Casey, who was born in 1978.

In 1993, Charles took over the lumber business after the death of his father.

Charles was a son of Samuel Julius Casey in the census in 1950 in Elba, Coffee Co, AL. Charles 3.


He died on Oct 29, 2014 in Apalachicola, Franklin Co, Florida at 68 years of age. His remains were cremated.



Martha Deal was the daughter of H. F. Deal ( - ) and Carolyn Stapleton ( - ). She and Charles Edward Casey had the following children: