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Tillman Casey (1819-1901)


Tillman Casey


Tillman Casey1,2,3,4 son of James Casey and Unknown Kirkland was born in Feb, 1819 in Richmond Co, NC. According to family tradition, he was named after family friends,the Tillman's, who moved to AL along with the Caseys. A Tillotson O'Bryan witnessed the last will of his grandfather, Jeremiah Casey. In the early court records of Barbour Co AL, Tillman was referred to as Tillatson, Tolotson, Tilemon, and etc.1,2,3,4,5

Tillman was planter/farmer.

Tillman lived in Richmond Co, NC in 1820.

Tillman Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1830 in Richmond Co, NC. Son 1/2 age 10-15.6

Tillman was a resident in the household of James Casey in the state census in 1833 in Barbour Co, AL.7


He married Nancy Ann Kirkland on Apr 11, 1839 in Barbour Co, AL.


Tillman lived in 1840. Tillman was a Principal 2 at Misc of Hampton Casey in 1841.

On Oct 13, 1843 in Barbour Co, AL, James Casey gave land to James Calvin Casey, Hampton Casey, and Tillman Casey. The three plots of land were 33 86/100 acres, 102 acres and 125 acres and were all located in section 5 of T10 R27. This land is located on the road from Clayton to Eufaula at the turn off to White Oak. This land was sold to Anthony Windham on Sep 1, 1846....8,9


Tillman Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1850 in Western Dist, Caldwell Par, LA. Tiliman Cassey p26/39 30 NC farmer, Nancy A 28, SC, James 10 AL, Elizabeth 8 AL, Asa 6 AL, Laffath 2 LA.5


Tillman Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1860 in Pine Woods Dist, Catahoula Par, LA. T Cacy 41 NC planter, Nancy 40 SC, James 21 AL, Elizabeth 16 AL, Asa 14 AL, Lafayette 12 LA, Thomas 7 LA, Ambrose 5 LA, Preston 2 AL.

Tillman lived in Ward 2, Grant Parish, Louisiana in 1870. Tillman Casey 51 NC farmer NC, Nancy A 50 SC, Lafayette 21 LA, William T 18 LA, Ambrose 11 LA, Sarah E Rainsafall 15 LA, Letitia Masters 7 LA, Nancy L 5 LA..4


Tillman Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1880 in 2nd Ward, Grant Parish, Louisiana. Tilman Casey 60 laborer NC NC NC, Nancy 60 SC SC SC, Tom 27 laborer??, Ambrose 25 laborer LA, Nancy 14 LA, Quincy 8 gs Tex/Tenn Ill can'tread.2

Tillman lived in Pollock, Grant Parish, Louisiana in 1900.3 Tillman. In 1830, James Casey Sr is living the Richmond Co NC fairgroundsdistrict. His family is James 40-50, males 1 15-20 (Lemuel), 2 10-15(Miles & Tillman), 2 5-10 (Hampton & James), 1 <5 (Tillotson or Henry?) and females 1 80-90 (1740-1750, mother or mother in law), 1 40-50(1780-1790 wife), 1 10-15 (Eliza), 1 5-10 (Sallie), and 1 <5(Nancy)and no slaves. If all of these males belong to James, there is oneadditional male (total of 6)that we Casey researchers have notaccounted for. Are Tillman and Tillotson two different people?

On Apr 11, 1839 in Barbour Co AL, Tillman married Nancy Ann Kirklandwho was born in 1820 in SC. His father married Sally Kirkland shortlyafter arriving in Alabama.

Tillman has not been located in the 1840 census. In his family bible,he has a note that it was purchased in Mobile, AL in 1839. Why washe in Mobile in 1839 and where was he in 1840 as he seems to be inBarbour Co later? Maybe he wasn't in Barbour Co later. Tillotson maybe a different person

During the Barbour Co AL Orphan's Court in 1841, Tillatson Casey madea claim of $15.42 against the estate of E. J. Cole. His brotherHampton made a claim of $4.00. In the Feb 1842 court, TolotsonCasey received a payment of $30.00 from the estate of his deceasedbrother Miles Casey. His brother Lemuel was administrator of theestate.

On 13 Oct 1843, father James Calvin Casey Sr. sold land to TillemonCasey, Hampton, and James Casey Jr.

Tillman and his family left Barbour Co about 1847 and headed forLouisiana along with Tillman's sister Eliza and her husband StephenBrown.

They first lived in Caldwell Parish, LA from about 1849-1859.

1850 Caldwell Parish LA, Western Dist, p14: Tilman Cassay 30 NC noreal estate, Nancy A 28 SC, James 10 AL, Elizabeth 8 AL, Asa 6 AL,Lafayette 2 LA

Then the family lived around Summerville, LA between 1859-1869. Twoof their neighbors were J. M. Hopkins and Issac R. Adams. 'Tillmanowned 160 acres of land, 4 horses, a few hogs, and a few cattle inCatahoula Parish.' These words were written in 1890 by W. M. Brown ofCaldwell Parish on a general affadavit for Tillman to receive pensionsupport from his son Asa's service in the Civil War. Hopkins andAdams also wrote affadavits of personal knowledge of the Casey familyfor Tillman. Census records show Tilman to have been a planter/farmerfor the most part during his lifetime.

1860 Catahoula Parish LA, Pine Woods Dist, 706/689: T. Cacy 41 planter$1000 $300 NC, Nancy 40 SC, James 21 AL, Elizabeth 16 AL, Asa 14 AL,Lafayette Casy 12 LA, Thomas 7 LA, Ambros 5 LA, Preston 2 LA

Tillman served as a Private in Co H, 4th LA Cavalry of the CSA. Hisname appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War and he was paroled atAlexandria, LA July 1, 1865. He resided in Catahoula Parish at thetime of enlistment.

1870 Grant Par LA, Ward 2, Colfax PO, p100: Tillman Casey 51 farmer300 1000 NC, Nancy A 50 SC, Lafayette 21 LA, William T. 18 LA, Ambrose16 LA, Sarah E. Rainsfall, white female 15 LA, Letetia Masters 7 LA,Nancy L. Masters LA

1880 Grant Parish LA, 836/836 SD 2 ED 26: Tilman Casey 60 laborer NCNC NC, Nancy 60 SC SC SC, Tom 27 laborer ??, Ambrose 25 laborer LA,Nancy 14 LA, Quincy 8 gs Tex/Tenn Ill can't read

After the death of his wife, Nancy Ann 24 Aug 1881, Tillman lived withhis son, William Thomas, in Grant Parish until his death 26 Sep 1901.Tillman and Nancy Ann were both buried in the Friendship Cemetery inFishville, GrantParish LA.

1900 Grant Parish LA, Ward 2 Pollock: Tilman Feb 1819 81 wd SC SC SCliving with Wm T. Casey family

Tillman's great-granddaughter, Emma Casey Scales, of Polack, LA, hasin her possession a Bible which was purchased by Tillman March 31,1839 in Mobile, AL. According to an affadavit signed by Tillman in1891, the leaf page containing his record of marriages is missing fromhis bible. According to the bible, Eliza Casey Brown, sister ofTillman, was last heard of in the vicinity of Olla, LA.

RESEARCH NOTES: Much of this information was obtained from IllenFarrell Norton, a descendant of Tillman Casey.

Tillman died on Sep 26, 1901 in Colfax, Grant Parish, Louisiana.1 He was buried in Friendship Cemetery, Fishville, Grant Parish, Louisiana, 31.53810;-92.36170.




Nancy Ann Kirkland4 and Tillman Casey had the following children:




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