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Lemuel Casey1,2,3,4 son of James Casey and Unknown Kirkland was born on Jan 26, 1813 in Rockingham, Richmond Co, NC. He was the oldest of eight known children.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Lemuel Casey was listed in the household of James Casey in the census in 1830 in Richmond Co, NC. 1 male 15-20.8


The family of James Casey moved from Richmond Co, NC to Pike Co, AL in Feb, 1831. after the death of his wife. Lemuel later remembered that there were five families in the group and one was a Bryant family related to his mother's people. They were on the road three months and it rained twenty-one of those days without stopping.


Barbour Co AL was established on Dec 18 1832 from former Creek Indian lands and a portion of Pike County.



Lemuel Casey age 22 married Nancy Norris Cox age 15 daughter of Edward S Cox and Nancy Cox on Jan 20, 1836 in Barbour Co, AL.9


In 1837 Lemuel Casey served in the. Creek Indian War. Nancy's Creek pension application says that she doesn't remember his height, but that he had fair skin, light hair, and blue eyes.

Lemuel Casey was a Private in McInis's Company of the 42nd AL Militia during the Creek War. According to the widow's pension application papers filed in 1892 and 1893 by widow Nancy, Lemuel served in 1836 and 1837. He enlisted in May 1836 under Capt Faulk and did service at 'the Fort', then Ervington, now Eufaula, AL, also on Pea River and was not mustered out of service until May 1837. Serving with him were Henry Rizzell, Harrison Rizzell, Curtis Rizzell, AlladenThompson, Edward Byrd, Wright Faulk, Anthony Windhouse, and Jesse B.Garner. To Nancy's knowledge, Lemuel never applied for a land warrant based on his military service.

Government records said he enlisted on 16 May 1836 and served until 26 May 1836 in the Capt McInnis company. With 80 miles travel, he was officially credited with 14 days of service. According to the government records, he was listed on the payroll as 'Samuel Casey' and the payroll was so signed. (NOTE: In the 1870 census, it states that Lemuel could not read or write.)

The government had no record of Capt. Faulk's company. Therefore Nancy's pension application was rejected due to insufficient service. It is unknown if Nancy ever received a widow's pension.Some books show that a Samuel Casey purchased land in Township 9 Range 24 on 23 Nov 1836. This land is northwest of Clio. Could this be our Lemuel Casey who obtained land under the same name that he was officially listed under in the Indian Wars? Later Lemuel sold this same land. NOTE: Looking at the copy of the land grant on the Interior Department's web page, the name was Lemuel. In the scriptwriting style of the middle 1800's, Le and Sa appeared very similar and are often difficult to distinguish. When daughter Mary Casey was born in 1841, the Lemuel Casey family was living in Barbour Co AL about two miles west of Clio, AL. This location would be consistant with the land purchase in 1836 by 'Samuel' Casey that has been discussed earlier. For in Barbour Co, AL.10


Lemuel was the Head of Household in the census in 1840 in Barbour Co, AL. L Cassey p63/80: males 1 <5 (Henry J), 1 20-30 (Lemuel); females 1<5 (Sarah), 1 and 1 20-30(Nancy); slaves none.

Lemuel Casey appeared in the agricultural census in 1850 in Division 23, Barbour Co, AL. 65 ac improved land, 140 ac unimproved land, $300-cash value of farm,$30-value of farm machinery, 3 horses, 2 working oxen, 18 othercattle, 40 swine, $400-value of livestock, 28 bushels of wheat, 400 bushels of Indian corn, 25 bushels of oats, 4 cotton guards, 200 lbs wool, 50 bushels peas, and 100 bushels of sweet potatoes.11

On Oct 25, 1850 in Barbour Co, AL, Lemuel obtained land in Township 9 Range 24. On 1 Mar 1851 he owned Section 4 Township 8 Range 24 in Barbour Co AL. This location is directly west of Clio and adjoins land in Township 9 Range 24 where Lemuel also owned land.


Lemuel was the Head of Household in the census in 1850 in Division 23, Barbour Co, AL. Lemuel Casey 38 NC farmer, Nancy 34 AL, Henry 14 AL, Sarah 12 AL, Mary 10 AL, Edward 8 AL, Julia 6 AL, Nancy 4 AL.1

Most of their children were born in Barbour Co. In 1851, the family moved down on the river at what is known as the 'old Gaines Place'. It was while the family lived here that Lemuel, who had never been sick, had 'bile trouble' caused partly by business troubles. (We would probably call it 'nervous tension' now.).

In 1852, Lemuel purchased land that had a little log house on the property that is now known as the 'old Phillips place'. This land was located about 7 miles directly south of Clio at what is now the junctions of routes 15 and 72. This line is partially in Dale Co and partially in Barbour Co. (The old log house which was still standing in 1954 was not there in 1997). Lemuel was a Principal 2 at Land sale of Hampton Casey on Jan 3, 1859 in Barbour Co, AL.

On Jan 3, 1859 Hampton Casey sold Lemuel Casey 160 acres. The land was near Dale Co . He did not sell his land near Mt. Andrew. DB O p 873 acres in Barbour Co, AL..


In the slave census in 1860 in Dale Co, AL Lemuel owned. 13 slaves.4,6


Lemuel Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1860 in Dale Co, AL. Lemuel Cassy 50, Nancy 43, Sarah 19, Mary 17, Edward 15, Julian f 13, Nancy 11, Catherine 9, Lemual 7, William 5, Jasper 4. Daniel and Charles are not listed.6

In 1861 Lemuel Casey sold 1861 Dec 3 Barbour Co AL - Lemuel and Nancy Casey sold N K Phillips for$580 the SW4 of the NW4, and the NE4 of the NW4, and the SE4 of theNW4 of Section 36, and the SW4 of the SW4 of Section 25, all inTownship 8 Range 24 containing 160 acres. Lemuel and Nancy made their marks. BW Ketcham and EW Casey were witnesses. DB R p293. acres..

On Dec 3, 1861 Lemuel Casey and Nancy Norris Cox his wife sold Nathan Richard Phillips 160 acres for $580 the SW4 of the NW4, and the NE4 of the NW4, and the SE4 of theNW4 of Section 36, and the SW4 of the SW4 of Section 25, all in Township 8 Range 24. Lemuel and Nancy made their marks. acres in Barbour Co, AL..7

Lemuel Casey was the head of household in the state census in 1866 in T7N R24E, Dale Co, AL. : Lemuel Cassey, males 3 <10 (Daniel, Charles,Jasper) , 1 50-60 (Lemuel), females 1<10 (Josephine), 2 10-20 (Catherine, Josephine), 1 40-50 (Nancy), 1 died of sickness during the war (Edwin).12,13

Lemuel Casey appeared in the agricultural census in 1870 in Beat 7, Dale Co, AL. 150 ac improved land, 340 ac woodlands, farm value $800, equipment $40, 4 mules, 6 milk cows, 12 other cattle, 12 sheep, 20 swine, livestock $900, 900 bushels corn, 20 bushels oats, 3000 lbs rice, 5 bales of cotton, 12 lbs wool, 50 bushels beans and peas, 100 bushels of sweet potatoes, 150 lbs butter, 40 lbs cane cane, 0 lbs molasses, estimated value of farm production $2200.14


Lemuel Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1870 in Beat 7, Dale Co, AL. Lemuel Casey 60 NC $2,000 $1,800 can't read/write, Nancy 53 AL, Catherine 19 AL, William 17 AL, Daniel 15 AL, Charles 13 AL, Josephine 9 AL, G. Y. 12 f AL, Hillery 4 AL.2


Lemuel Casey was the Head of Household in the census in 1880 in Reynolds, Dale Co, AL. Lemuel Casey 65 AL NC NC, Nancy 58 AL GA GA, Hilery 14 AL.3

Lemuel Casey appeared in the agricultural census in 1880 in Beat 7, Dale Co, AL. 100 acres tilled land, 350 acres woodlands, 50 acres old fields, farm value $1500, farming equipment $20, live stock $450, 1879 farm labor wages $225, 10 hired colored workers, farm production $1500, 3 mules, 2 milk cows, 26 other?, 2 calves, 75 lbs butter, 30 sheep, 10 lambs dropped, 4 sheep died of disease, 5 died due to weather, 25 fleeces weighing 40 lbs, 30 swine, 10 barn yard poultry, 45 other poultry, 75 dozen eggs, 720 lbs of rice from 2 acres, 1000 bushels of corn from 76 ac, 9 bales of cotton from 28 ac, 100 gal of molasses from 1/2 ac, 150 bushes of sweet potatoes from 1 ac, 20 apple trees on 3 ac produced 25 bushels, 30 peach trees on 4 ac produced 30 bushels, 400 lbs of honey and 75 lbs bees wax, cut 40 cords of wood, $80 of forest products sold.15


Lemuel died on Nov 3, 1886 in Dale Co, AL at 73 years of age.16,17 He was buried in Carroll Cemetery, Ozark, Dale Co, AL. Find A Grave Memorial # is It appears that Lemuel has two tombstones, one in the Carroll cemetery in Ozark and one in the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery in Dale Co AL.I have visited the one in Ozark. The inscription is identical to the one at Salem.16

Find a Grave Memorial # is 8759865.16


In 1888 in Dale Co, AL, William Lemuel Casey sold Fox Daughtry. 200 acres. This land known as the Casey place is about 2 miles from Adauis Mill, once known as Leis Mill, east of Midland City AL. Josie Casey Bailey remembers that her father Lemuel Casey purchased the 226 acres for $200. She remembers that her father only had $195.00 and her mother sold a spinning wheel for $5.00 to make the $200. Lemuel Casey evidently sold or gave the land to his son William L Casey because there is a deed from Wm L Casey and wife Mary to Mr. Woodham in 1888. In 1944, the property was still in the Woodham family...



Nancy Norris Cox2,3,18,19,20 was the daughter of Edward S Cox II (1775-1860) and Nancy Cox (1785-1855). She and Lemuel Casey had the following children:




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