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Stansell Barbre son of Peter Barbre and Elizabeth Stansell was born on Apr 26, 1753 in North Carolina. Tyrrell Co probably based on his father's records. Date calculated from his pension application on Feb 15, 1831 where he listed his age as 77y, 9 months, and 20 days.1

On Apr 28, 1770 Stansell Barbree was listed as an heir the will of Peter Barbree in Tyrrell Co, NC. To my Son Stansell Barbree my Blacksmiths Tools.1,2

His parent, Peter Barbre, died in Nov, 1770 in Bertie Co, NC at 45 years of age.

Martin Co NC was formed on Mar 2, 1774 from parts of Tyrrell and Halifax Counties.

Stansell began military service in 1780. when he enlisted in the Revolutionary War as a blacksmith in a factory in Halifax Co NC and was paid 8 pounds 5 shillings which was received by H. Montfort.1

In 1780, Stancil Barbrey received a land grant for 82 acres in Edgecombe Co, NC..1


Stansell Barbre age 27 married Mary age 15 c. 1780.


On Feb 27, 1782 William Brown sold Stansell Barbre 175 acres in Martin Co, NC..1

On Oct 28, 1782, Stancil Barbaree received a land grant for 60 acres in Coneto, Edgecombe Co, NC on Balahack Swamp. Bordered by Abraham Hodges.1

On Oct 28, 1782, Stancil Barbaree received a land grant for 104 acres in Coneto, Edgecombe Co, NC on Balahack Swamp. Bordered by Abraham Hodges, Robert Knox, Hillary Manning and Self.1

On Dec 8, 1783 Stansill Barbre sold James Brogden 140 acres on Balahack Swamp in Edgecombe Co, NC. Adjacent property owners: Abraham Hodges, Robert Knox and Hillary Manning.1

On Dec 29, 1783 Stancill Barberre and Mary his wife sold Thomas Edmondson 125 acres for 70 lbs in Martin Co, NC..1

His parent, Elizabeth Stansell, died aft 1783 in Martin Co, NC at 63 years of age.3

On Dec 26, 1786, land identification " being a deed granted until Stancil Barbaree in Edgecombe Co, NC. Deed Book 4 p535.1

In 1793 in Columbia Co, GA Stancil Barbaree. was on the militia muster role..1

Columbia Co GA was formed in Dec 10,1793 from Burke and Richmond Counties.

On Dec 2, 1803 in Sparta, Hancock Co, GA, Stancell Barbree and wife Mary were dismissed from the Darien Baptist Church.1

In the in 1805 land lottery in Hancock Co, GA, Stansill Barbara had 2 blank draws.1,4

In 1808 in Twiggs Co, GA, Stancil Barbaree and Mary were charter members of the Stone Creek Baptist Church . On the membership list Mary was listed as dead with no date. Stansill was dismissed and Anna, relationship unknown,was baptized in this church and was also listed as dead. Membership roll listed Anne 1808, John 1812, Stansil 1808 and Mary 1808.1


Twiggs Co GA was formed in Dec 14,1809 from Wilkinson Co.


In 1811 in Marion, Twiggs Co, Georgia, he was on the first grand jury of the Superior Court.1

In 1818 in the tax list for Capt Wiley Belchers Dist, Twiggs Co, GA. Stancill Barbree owned 101 1/4 acres. acres.. He also owned Lot#72 in District 28,.1,5

No census records exist for Twiggs Co in Georgia for 1820.6

In 1820 in Dist 11, Twiggs Co, GA Stancil Barber. was on the certified list of revolutionary soldiers for the lottery. He was granted land in Muscogee Co.1

In 1820 in Capt Wiley Belchers Dist, Twiggs Co, GA in the Georgia Land Lottery, he. received lot 188 of section 4 in Walton Co GA..5


Houston Co GA was formed in May 15, 1821 from former Creek Indian lands. Houston Co was included in the 1821 land lottery with 16 districts and lots of 202 1/2 acres.


Lee Co GA was formed on Jun 9, 1825 from Creek Indian lands..

On Apr 4, 1829.He applied for bounty land for Revolutionary War service. He said that he served his time in the United States Factory at Colonel Long's in Hallifax Co, NC as a blacksmith. The next month it was determined that he never received, nor was he entitled to, bounty land.1

In 1829 in Lee Co, GA he was a land owner in the tax list: 202 1/2 acres pine and 202 1/2 acres hardwood. He was a tax defaulter in Houston Co.1


Stansell Barbre was the Head of Household in the census in 1830 in Houston Co, GA. Stansel Barbaree: males 1 5-10, 1 50-60 (1770-1780 John S?), 1 70-80 (1750-1760 Stansel), females 1 <5, 1 15-20 (1820-1825), 1 60-70 (1760-1770) .7

On Jan 8, 1830, Stancil Barber received a land grant for 250 acres in Capt Wiley Belchers Dist, Twiggs Co, GA..1

In 1831, he was a member of in Shiloh Baptist Church, Houston Co, Georgia,.1

On Feb 15, 1831 in Houston Co, GA, he filed an application for a pension, resident of this county, age 77 y 9m 20 d. Total worth: Common wearing apparel $50, 2 cows and calves $20, 1 ox cart and 2 oxen $30. Total $100. Superior Court Minutes.1

In 1831 Stansel Barbaree owned 250 acres in the tax list for Capt Sinclairs 11th Dist, Houston Co, GA... He lived in Early Co.1

On May 14, 1832 in Houston Co, GA, 'I sold my property for $163 to pay my own debts and that of John Castleberry for who I was Security (9 my nephew). Total worth: Common wearing apparel, 1 lot of land worth$50, 2 cows and calves $20, 1 ox cart and 2 oxen $30. Total $100.Inferior Court Minutes.1

Stansell died aft 1832 in Georgia. Houston Co GA probably.



Mary1,7 and Stansell Barbre had the following children:




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