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John Hinds (1735?-1823)


John Hinds son of John Hinds was born in 1735 (est). based on daughter Susannah being born in 1765.1


In 1769, the 96th District was one of the new districts formed in South Carolina to replace the Anglican parishes.


On May 15, 1771, John received a land grant of 150 acres on Little Saluda River. This land was given to his daughter Susannah prior to her marriage to Prescott Bush..2


Btw 1775 and 1792 a John Hinds served in the SC continental line during the Revolution. Based on current available records, it is difficult to determine if there was one John Hinds or at least 3 John Hinds who served. Roster of South Carolina Patrious in the American Revolution

John Hinds enlisted in the Second Regiment on 4 November 1775. He was under Capt Blake when he was discharged on 10 July 1778. Anthony Hinds served in the same unit for the same time period. John also served under Capt Richard Mason in 1779.


John Hinds served thirty days as a private and sixty-three days as a lieutenant in Marion's brigade during 1782.


John Hinds served under Col Isaac Motte and was in the battles at Sullivan's Island and Parker's Ferry. Married Martha Acock (Aycock) in March 1792 and died February 1825.


U.S., Revolutionary War Pensionsers

John Hinds, private in SC line, moved to Georgia in Sept 1823. March 1829 is stated but it is not clear what that date refers to.


U.S., The Pension Roll of 1835 for John Hindsfor Chatham Co Georgia

John Hinds, private SC cont'l line, transferred from the Barnwell District SC on Sept 1823 and died Dec 8, 1823.


History of Williamsburg (County)

John Hinds was a Lieutenant in Marion's Brigade.3

In 1785 Newberry Co was one of the 8 counties formed within the 96th District.

On Mar 5, 1785 in Edgefield Co, 96th Dist, SC, Prescott Bush and wife Susannah Hinds sold 150 acres on Little Saluda River. Original grantee: John Hinds. He conveyed the land to daughter Susannah on May 15 1771 before her marriage.2


John Hinds was the Head of Household in the census in 1790 in Newberry Co 96th Dist, SC. John Hinds: males 2<16, 1>15; females 3.4


In 1800 the 96th District was dissolved and the eight counties including Newberry Co were renamed as districts.


John Hinds was the Head of Household in the census in 1800 in Newberry Co, SC. John Hines: males 1<10, 1>45 (bef 1755); females 2<10, 2 10-15, 1 26-44 (1756-1774); 0 slaves.5


John Hinds was the Head of Household in the census in 1810 in Newberry Dist, SC. John Hinds: males 2<10, 1 10-15, 1>44 (bef 1784); females 1 10-15, 1 16-25, 1 26-44, 1 >44 (bef 1784).6


John Hinds was the Head of Household in the census in 1820 in Barnwell, Barnwell Dist, SC. John Hines Sr: males 2<10, 1 26-44 (1776-1794); females 1>45 (bef 1775) ; 0 slaves

John Hines Jr: males 1 26-44; females 1<10; 0 slaves.7

John Hines, age 70 of South Carolina, died on Dec 8, 1823 in Savannah, Chatham Co, GA of old age.


John Hinds was the Head of Household in the census in 1830 in 73rd Dist, Burke Co, GA. John Hines Sr: males 1<5, 1 70-79; females 1 5-9, 1 10-14, 1 20-29; 2 slaves.8 John married wife JnHinds.



wife JnHinds and John Hinds had the following children:




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