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John Stansel Sr. (c. 1662-1713)



[BOLD:] New Kent Co VA was formed in 1654 from York Co. [:BOLD]. John Stansel Sr. son of Older Stansels was born c. 1662 in Qutirent (now Suffolk), England.1 He son of Older Stansels was born c. 1670 in England.2

The first Stancill of whom we have knowledge was born in England about 1662.

His name was John Stancill and he migrated to Nansemond County VA which adjoins the James River on the south side, just after passing through the Hampton Roads area. Suffolk is the county seat of Nansemond.

The first written record of the presence in the New World is contained in the Virginia Magazine of History, Vol 29, page 406. It is recorded there that John Stancill pad quit rent on 500 acres of land in 1704.

John Stancill married Katherine, daughter of John Hardy. They apparently left Virginia and came down to North Carolina. Katherine died in Chowan Co NC in 1719.

John and Katerine produced three sons, William, John Jr., and Peter.


Almost all of this biography and following comes from 'The Stansel Family' [162] by Edwin Nathaniel Stansel found in the NC State Archives in Raleigh.2

There are two main sources of information for the early members of this family in America. Both are in the North Carolina State Archives. As noticed by the titles, there is no common agreement as to the correct/preferred spelling of the surname.


The Stancill Family, 1662 to 1981 (always spells the name as Stancill)


The Stansel Family (spells the name as it appears in official records).2,3


John married Katherine Hardy in Virginia.2


He migrated.2

In 1704 John Stansel owned 500 acres in the tax list for , Nansemond Co, VA..2,3

the family of [p1] moved from [m1] to [l]. <[m2]>.

John died in 1713 in Nansemond Co, VA.1



Katherine Hardy and John Stansel had the following children:




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