Unknown Casey (c. 1730- )


Unknown Casey1 was born c. 1730.

There is no known documentation as to the identify of the father of Jeremiah M Casey or to Jeremiah's birth location. Should anyone discover any such documentation, I would appreciate knowing about it.


In 1985, fellow Casey researcher and distant cousin of mine, Billy Casey Brundage (now deceased) hired nationally renown Certified Genealogist Helen Leary to perform research to try and determine the ancestry of Jeremiah M Casey. Helen researched the early history of all NC counties. Her very thorough and well documented 15 page report documenting her research concluded that there was no known documentation to suggest the name of the father of Jeremiah M Casey or Jeremiah's birth place. I have a copy of this report.


However, Billy became convinced that Jeremiah's 1754 birth was probably in Carteret Co even though Helen's report says that there is no record of a Casey in Carteret Co prior to 1792. Billy thought that after being born in Carteret, Jeremiah probably moved up the Neuse River to Dobbs Co. Unfortunately, Billy put Carteret Co as Jeremiah's birth location on her ancestry.com tree. This undocumented location has now been copied to many ancestry.com trees.


At the time of Helen Leary's 1985 report, it was assumed that Jeremiah M could be the younger brother of Micajah Casey who also lived in Dobbs and Wayne Counties in NC. My Y DNA results (I'm a Casey and a direct descendant of Jeremiah) does not match the Y DNA of a descendant of Micajah Casey who lived in Dobbs Co and Wayne Co NC about the same time as Jeremiah. This was documented on the Family Tree Y Search Casey Surname Project hosted by Robert Casey. Unfortunately, this web site disappeared in the fall of 2014.1



Unknown Casey had the following children:




Jeremiah M Casey Report for Billy Casey Brundage. Custom Id: 839; personal copy.