England - early England
MonarchReign Country Kingdom Family
Annabetween 636 and 653EnglandEast AngliaWuffingas
Arthurbetween 500 and 539EnglandCamelot
Egbert Ibetween 664 and 673EnglandKent
Eorcenberhtbetween 630 and 664EnglandKent
Henry Ibetween 919 and 936GermanyGermany
Tytilabetween 578 and 616EnglandEast AngliaWuffingas
Wihtredbetween 690 and 725EnglandKent
Wuffacirca 650EnglandEast AngoliaWuffingas
Ęthelberth IIbetween 779 and 794EnglandEast Anglia
England - Wessex
MonarchReign Country Kingdom Family
Alfred the Greatbetween 871 and 899EnglandEnglandWessex
Ceawlinbetween 560 and 592EnglandWessexWessex
Cerdicbetween 519 and 534EnglandWessexWessex
Cynicbetween 534 and 560EnglandWessexWessex
Edgar the Peacefulbetween 959 and 975EnglandEnglandWessex
Edmund II1016EnglandEnglandWessex
Edmund Ibetween 939 and 946EnglandEnglandWessex
Edward the Confessorbetween 1042 and 1066EnglandEnglandWessex
Edward the Elderbetween 899 and 924EnglandEnglandWessex
Egbertbetween 802 and 839EnglandWessexWessex
Ęthelred IIbetween 978 and 1013EnglandEnglandWessex
Ęthelwulfbetween 839 and 858EnglandWessexWessex
England - Norman
MonarchReign Country Kingdom Family
Henry Ibetween 1100 and 1135at EnglandEnglandNorman
William IIbetween 1087 and 1100at EnglandEnglandNorman
William Ibetween 1066 and 1087at EnglandEnglandNorman
England - Plantagenet
MonarchReign Country KingdomFamily
Edward Ibetween 1272 and 1307EnglandEnglandPlantagenet
Henry IIbetween 1154 and 1189EnglandEnglandPlantagenet
Henry IIIbetween 1216 and 1272EnglandEnglandPlantagenet
Johnbetween 1199 and 1216EnglandEnglandPlantagenet
Richardbetween 1189 and 1199EnglandEnglandPlantagenet
Kings & Queens - Wales
MonarchReign CountryKingdom
Hywel ap Cadellbetween 920 and 950Walesmost of Wales
Maredudd ap Owain ap Hyweicirca 999Wales
Owain ap Hywelbetween 950 and 987WalesDeheubarth
Llywelyn apbetween 1018 and 1023WalesDeheubarth & Gwynedd