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Simmons census analysis

Moses Simmondson arrived in the Plymouth Colony one year after it's founding. Some of his descendants eventually moved down to North Carolina. No documentation has been discovered that links Moses with the Simmons who lived in NC during the middle and late 1700s.

Many of the NC Simmons moved from NC to Alabama, particularly Pike Co, in the early 1800s.  For several years, we had a group of about 35 NC Simmons descendants who shared their dna results in hopes of determining the relationships between these differ Simmons lines which can be seen in the Families section of the website.  Unfortunately although we were able to prove several of these lines were related, it was not possible to determine the exact relationships.  Primary reasons for this were two many males named John Simmons and the lack of details in the NC census records, particularly in 1810 when initials were used instead for given names.  It is difficult to differentiate between the script I, J, and T.