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Casey-Ballard Hudson-Toler


Genealogy is only history, refined by historical judgement, based on honest research. Its conclusions are reached by definite and logical processes of reasoning from one fact to another, by legitimate interpretation of them. (The Stansel Family by Edwin Nathaniel Stansel 1969)

Building a family tree is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces missing and with additional pieces that seem to fit but don't. (me)

Our genealogical journey began about 1990 when I started researching my family tree and my sister-in-law began researching her (and my wife's) family tree. DNA testing and analysis began about 2014. This website contains the results of 35 years of research of our families plus the trees of a few close friends.

Many people have helped us along the way. This website is our way of paying them back forward. We hope you enjoy your visit and the information provided is beneficial.

Comments & questions are always welcome. kcgen1970@gmail.com

This website was originally constructed using "The Master Genealogist" and "Second Site" software. The data was converted to "Family Historian" and the website was reconstructed with "Gedsite" software. Work is continuing to correct format errors due to the transitions.

Casey-Cox family ~1971